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Why GST Is A Step Backward For The Disabled
July 03, 2017

Imposing taxes on assistive devices is unfair. The countdown has begun to the implementation of the GST in India. Over the past month, discussions about the GST have dominated the scene with several groups protesting in strong measure about the impact on their business.

GST - A Barrier to Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities June 24, 2017
Report of the Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2017 June 17, 2017
Comments on the draft Policy on IT Accessibility for People with Disabilities May 19, 2017
Mobile Accessibility Practices April 11, 2017
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Praja - Enhancing Democracy Through Access to Open Data: What Are the Roles of Government and Civil Society? (Delhi, Sep 08)
September 05, 2017

Open Government Data (OGD) is widely seen to be a key hallmark of contemporary democratic practice and is often linked to the passing of freedom of information legislation. OGD is a philosophy—and increasingly a set of policies—that promotes transparency, accountability and value creation by making government data available to all. Public bodies produce and commission huge quantities of data and information. By making their datasets available, public institutions become more transparent and accountable to citizens. By encouraging the use, reuse and free distribution of datasets, governments promote business creation and innovative, citizen-centric services. Praja is organising a symposium on "open data and civil society" on Friday, Sep 8, which is supported by European Union and Friedrich Naumann Stiftung fur die Freiheit. Sumandro Chattapadhyay (Research Director) will take part in this event as a speaker in the session on "data centric approach and role of stakeholders in the urban governance ecosystem."

Marathi Wikipedia Workshop in Sangli, Maharashtra August 16, 2017
Telugu Wikisource Workshop August 15, 2017
How It Came To Be: Wiki Loves Uniformed Services July 10, 2017
Christ University Wikipedia Education Program Faculty Orientation Report August 03, 2017
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A New Telecom Policy That Works
September 12, 2017

A sound NTP-2018 requires sustainable, integrated policies that address our realities.

Broadband Reforms for Local Manufacturing July 05, 2017
Policies to Sustain India's Market May 20, 2017
Organisational Hurdles in Telecom April 04, 2017
A Pathfinding Approach for Digital India March 03, 2017
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Access to Knowledge (A2K)
RTI request to Indian Patents Office for Form 27 (Statement of Working of patents), March 2016
September 09, 2017

The Centre for Internet and Society filed this request under the Right to Information Act in March 2016 as part of research for the paper: Patent Working Requirements and Complex Products: An Empirical Assessment of India's Form 27 Practice and Compliance (July 2017). We sought forms pertaining to 61 of the patents found in our patent landscaping study. These forms were not available on the online public databases, InPASS and IPAIRS, at the time of the filing the RTI request. Research assistance was provided by intern Shreshth Wadhwa.

RTI request to Indian Patents Office for Form 27 (Statement of Working of patents), 2015 September 09, 2017
Dataset for "Patent Working Requirements and Complex Products: An Empirical Assessment of India's Form 27 Practice and Compliance" August 17, 2017
Marathi Wikipedia Workshop in Sangli, Maharashtra August 16, 2017
Telugu Wikisource Workshop August 15, 2017
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Internet Governance
Rethinking National Privacy Principles: Evaluating Principles for India's Proposed Data Protection Law
September 11, 2017

This report is intended to be the first part in a series of white papers that CIS will publish which seeks to contribute to the discussions around the enactment of a privacy legislation in India. In subsequent pieces we will focus on subjects such as regulatory framework to implement, supervise and enforce privacy principles, and principles to regulate surveillance in India under a privacy law.

CIS Statement on Right to Privacy Judgment August 28, 2017
Aadhar: Privacy is not a unidimensional concept August 23, 2017
Infographic: The Impending Right to Privacy Judgment August 22, 2017
Here’s why we need a lot more discussion on India’s new DNA Profiling Bill August 21, 2017
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Researchers at Work (RAW)
Internet Researchers' Conference 2018 (IRC18): Offline - Call for Sessions
Internet Researchers' Conference 2018 (IRC18): Offline - Call for Sessions
September 20, 2017

Does being offline necessarily mean being disconnected? Beyond anxieties such as FOMO, being offline is also seen as disengagement from a certain milieu of the digital (read: capital), an impediment to the way life is organised by and around technologies in general. However, being offline is not the exception, as examples of internet shutdown and acts on online censorship illustrate the persistence and often alarming regularity of the offline even for the ‘connected’ sections of the population. The *offline* is the theme of the third Internet Researchers' Conference (IRC18). We invite teams of two or more members to submit sessions proposals by Sunday, October 22. The session selection process is described below. The Conference is expected to be held in Himachal Pradesh during February 22-24, 2018. The venue and dates will be confirmed soon.

Domenico Fiormonte - The Digital Humanities from Father Busa to Edward Snowden September 04, 2017
Mrutyunjay Mishra - India Online: Measuring, Understanding, and Making Decisions about Internet in India (Delhi, September 01, 6 pm) August 29, 2017
Digital native: You are not alone September 12, 2017
July 2017 Newsletter August 07, 2017
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