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CIS Internship Programme

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The Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) provides opportunities for students enrolled in graduate and post-graduate programmes to undertake internship at its offices in Bangalore and Delhi. Eligible candidates are welcome to participate in our internship programme. We particularly encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply. Please continue to read through for more information about the process.

Important note: We are not accepting interns for the months of December 2019 and January 2020; Please apply for a slot starting February 2020 or later. We look forward to receiving your applications and hosting you then!

Areas of Work

The Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) undertakes policy research on internet and digital technologies from policy and academic perspectives. Please take a look at the different verticals of our work below to gain a sense of the diversity of our efforts, and to identify potential areas for your focus during the internship:
Regulating AI: Developing regulatory frameworks for AI technologies, from a value standpoint of advancing both public interests as well as innovation.

Geopolitics and Regulatory Frameworks for Cybersecurity:
  • Promote norms for responsible state behaviour in cyberspace;
  • Developing coherent frameworks for governing emerging technologies in India.

Freedom of Expression on the Internet:
  • Analysing the Constitutional provision that enables the right to free speech, and jurisprudence around what is permissible speech online;
  • Analysing content moderation policies;
  • Researching intermediary liability regimes.

Intermediary Liability:
  • Analyzing regulations in India and around the world which govern liability of online intermediaries that deal with user-generated content
  • Studying safe harbour and other forms of intermediary liability regimes, effectiveness of existing measures, and possible best practices to combat illegal content online.

Internet Governance: Public interest engagement at internet governance forums.

Advancing Public Interest in Indian and International Standards: Research relating to information security, privacy and biometrics, contributing public interest efforts at standards development bodies in both Indian and International contexts.

Domestic and International Copyright Law: Public interest research around limitations and exceptions in domestic and international copyright law.

Advancing Open Science: Research on open access to scholarly publications and the open data framework.

Digital ID Research:
  • Studying the appropriate uses of Digital ID;
  • Researching the technology and policy design of Digital ID systems.

Google Regulatory Practices Lab:
  • Research into different models for regulating data protection;
  • Regulatory approaches towards privacy enforcement .

Reproductive Health Surveillance: Primary research into the surveillance of women, queer, and trans persons as they access reproductive health services.

Domestic Work and Platformization:
  • Primary research into online platforms offering domestic and care services
  • Focus on work conditions, role of platforms as intermediaries, and protection of labour rights.
Open Data for Asia: Research into open data initiatives in Asia on gendered data, and legislative and budgetary data.

Gender and Technology: Critically interrogating questions at the intersection of technology and gender, class, caste, sexuality, and other relevant social locations and factors.


Academic Background: We accept candidates from diverse educational and professional backgrounds, ranging from public policy and law to mathematics to arts and humanities.

Technical Skills: We expect knowledge of usual writing and email software, and other software that might be relevant for the work.

Languages and Level of Fluency: We expect the person to be fluent in English (reading, writing and conversing), and preferably in another Indian language too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will interns be required to take a considerable amount of initiative on his/her own, or will s/he be assigned specific projects with direct supervision at all times?
    Interns are required to take considerable amount of initiative on his/her own without direct supervision.

  • What is the duration period of an internship?
    A minimum of four weeks. However, we prefer applications for a longer period.

  • What would be the location of internship?
    Bangalore or Delhi, as chosen by the applicant.

  • Will the intern need to travel to other locations/cities/countries during his/her internship?
    This depends upon the requirements of the project. CIS will bear the expenses if the intern undertakes (authorised) travel for the purpose of work.

  • Will the organization pay or provide local transport?
    No, unless it is specifically for work related reasons.

  • Will the organization provide for pick up and drop off at airport?

  • Will an honorarium/stipend be provided be provided to the interns, and if yes, how much?
    The stipend amount will be dependent upon the project under which the intern will be working.

  • Will the organization pay for housing costs?

  • Will the organization be able to provide information finding accommodation?

  • Will the organization provide meals?

  • Will the organization provide medical insurance to interns?

  • Would the interns need to undertake a phone/remote interview before the final selection?
    No, unless it is mentioned in response to the internship application.

Organizational policies

All interns working at CIS have to read and abide by CIS' organisational policies.

Submission of application

Please attach 1) your resume and 2) two writing samples that demonstrate your research and analytical skills, along with 3) a brief note (not more than one page) on research topic(s) you are interested in. Incomplete applications (or those with spelling errors in the cover page) will be rejected.

Please ensure that you submit your application at least two weeks prior to the preferred date of joining. Further, please note that we will only entertain applications for which the commencement date is in the next four months. Please avoid clicking the application submission button multiple times. The frame will refresh automatically upon successful submission of your application.


Name: Yesha Tshering Paul
Designation: Programme Officer
E-mail: yesha [at] cis-india [dot] org


Address: No. 194, 2nd 'C' Cross, Domlur, 2nd Stage, Bengaluru 560071, Karnataka
Phone: +91 80 4092 6283
Fax: +91 80 2535 0955
Location on Google Map:


Address: First Floor, B 1/8, Hauz Khas, after Crunch, near G Block Market, New Delhi 110016
Phone: + 91 11 4050 3285
Location on Google Map:

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