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Network Economies
by Sumandro Chattapadhyay published May 05, 2016 last modified Jul 08, 2016 01:46 PM
This cluster responds to the range of transformation and restructuring of the economy emerging with, and emergent with, the proliferation of internet and internet-mediated transactions. The term 'network,' in this case, refers to the following: 1) the connectivity (network) infrastructures that underlie and make possible this economy, 2) the economic power and implications of the 'network effect,' and 3) the assemblage of digital and non-digital components and actors that make possible the functioning of such economies. The issues we are interested in include but are not limited to 'sharing economy' and peer-to-peer transactions; digital labour, electronic commerce, and platform economies; digital money and mobile-based banking; and automation, robotics, and 'industry 4.0.'
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Networked Expressions
by Sumandro Chattapadhyay published Apr 06, 2015 last modified Aug 28, 2015 06:21 AM
Networked expressions refer to our daily practices, habits and experiences of self-articulations in and through digital media, online spaces and virtual networks. This cluster is configured to focus our studies on the networked lives of human, non-human, and cyborg being in the digital era; the questions of expressions of body, sexuality, gender, caste, class, abilities, religion, and power as mediated by digital conditions and virtual contexts; the practices of art, representation, instrumental communication, and self-making through digital artifacts, interfaces, technologies, and networks. We are especially interested in foregrounding the networked technologies that shape the socio-material context of such expressions. Also, this cluster is specifically driven by applied and curatorial works.
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File Nirmita Narasimhan - Resume
by Sumandro Chattapadhyay published Aug 29, 2016 last modified Apr 28, 2017 01:19 AM
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Odia Wikipedia Projects
by Sumandro Chattapadhyay published Nov 19, 2015 last modified Dec 15, 2015 08:48 AM
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Blog Entry On World Water Day - Open Data for Water Resources
by Sumandro Chattapadhyay published Mar 22, 2018 last modified Jan 28, 2019 02:41 PM — filed under: , , , , , , ,
Lack of open data for researchers and activists is a key barrier against ensuring access to water and planning for sustainable management of water resources. In a collaboration between DataMeet and CIS, supported by Arghyam, we are exploring the early steps for making open data and tools to plan for water resources accessible to all. To celebrate the World Water Day 2018, we are sharing what we have been working on in the past few months - a paper on open data for water studies in India, and a web app to make open water data easily explorable and usable. Craig Dsouza led this collaboration, and authored this post.
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Open Access
by Sumandro Chattapadhyay published Nov 16, 2015
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Blog Entry Open Access Dialogues - Report and Policy Recommendations
by Sumandro Chattapadhyay published Aug 01, 2013 last modified Dec 22, 2015 06:52 AM — filed under: , ,
The Open Access Dialogues were a series of global electronic debates facilitated by Eve Gray and Kelsey Wiens, in partnership with The African Commons Project (South Africa) and the Centre for Internet and Society (India), during November 2012 to March 2013. It was supported by the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, and was hosted at WSIS Knowledge Communities Discussion Forum.
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Open Data
by Sumandro Chattapadhyay published Jun 20, 2015 last modified Oct 01, 2015 09:19 AM
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Blog Entry Open Data and Land Ownership
by Sumandro Chattapadhyay published May 22, 2019 last modified May 22, 2019 11:32 AM — filed under: , ,
In this chapter of the recently published volume on State of Open Data, Tim Davies and Sumandro Chattapadhyay discuss how the lessons from the land ownership field highlight the political nature of data, and illustrate the importance of politically aware interventions when creating open data standards, infrastructure, and ecosystems. State of Open Data, edited by Tim Davies, Stephen B. Walker, Mor Rubinstein, and Fernando Perini, is published by African Minds and International Development Research Centre, Canada.
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Blog Entry Open Data and Land Ownership - Environment Scan
by Sumandro Chattapadhyay published Feb 12, 2018 last modified Feb 12, 2018 10:37 AM — filed under: , , ,
The State of Open Data is an ambitious research project reflecting on 10 years of action on open data and providing a critical review of the current state of the open data movement across a range of issues and thematic areas. This environment scan represents the first step in gathering information to support a review of the state of open data with regard to land ownership, and in refining the focus of a chapter. The lead author for this chapter is Sumandro Chattapadhyay.
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