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Centre for Internet & Society Audit Reports 2021-2022

Centre for Internet & Society Audit Report 2020-2021

Centre for Internet & Society Annual Report 2020-21

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Centre for Internet & Society Annual Report 2019-20

Centre for Internet & Society Annual Report 2017-18

Centre for Internet & Society Annual Report 2016-17

Centre for Internet & Society Annual Report 2015-16

Centre for Internet & Society Annual Report 2014-15

CIS in partnership with the Office of the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities and the Centre for Law and Policy Research compiled the National Compendium of Laws, Policies, Programmes for Persons with Disabilities. During the year CIS signed memorandum of understandings with Mysore University (for converting to Unicode and re-releasing their encyclopaedia under Creative Commons License); Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College (to introduce Indian Language Wikipedias in the Indian Under-Graduate and Post Graduate Classroom); Andhra Loyola College (for 5 years to enhance Telugu Wikipedia through increased contributions to Wikipedia and make it available under free license); and Nirmala Institute of Education, Goa (to enhance digital literacy in Konkani in the education sector across Goa). CIS also conducted an empirical study of five separate and diverse banks (State Bank of India, Central Bank of India, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank) to gain a practical perspective on the existing banking practices and policies in India, and published a Banking Policy Guide. Further CIS took part in the WIPO-SCCR meetings. India became the first country to ratify the Marrakesh Treaty and the Accessible Books Consortium was launched.

Centre for Internet & Society Annual Report 2013-14

CIS celebrated five years of existence with an exhibition showcasing its works and accomplishments since it was founded in 2008. Along with CLPR, CIS published a report on making the General Elections of 2014 participatory and accessible for voters with disablities. CIS signed a memorandum of understanding with Christ University, Bangalore, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, KIIT University and Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences for furthering the growth of Indian languages on Wikipedia. CIS is working with Privacy International on the Surveillance and Freedom: Global Understandings and Rights Development (SAFEGUARD) project and as part of the work drafted the Privacy Protection Bill. CIS hosted the second Institute on Internet and Society at Pune from February 11 to 17, 2014. The Knowledge Repository was compiled and presented to the participants.

Centre for Internet & Society Annual Report 2012-13

CIS is working on two projects: Creating a National Kit of Laws, Policies and Programmes for Persons with Disabilities and Developing an open source screen reading software solution “NVDA” to handle Indian languages and text-to-speech software in 15 Indian languages with the Hans Foundation. CIS published a report on Accessibility of Government Websites in India with the Hans Foundation and the Consumers International IP Watchlist 2012 — India Report with Consumers International. Wikimedia Foundation awarded a two-year grant to support and develop free knowledge in India and consequently, CIS got a new office in Delhi. Pranesh Prakash's preliminary analysis on blocked websites was featured in leading publications like Wall Street Journal, Hindu, Outlook, etc., and as part of the Google Policy Fellowship, brought out a report on Intermediary Liability in India, and initiated a project on The Internet Institute with the Ford Foundation.

Centre for Internet & Society Annual Report 2011-12

CIS published a new improved edition of the Web Accessibility Policy Making: An International Perspective with G3ict and Hans Foundation, prepared a report on Making Mobile Phones and Services Accessible for Persons with Disabilities with ITU and G3ict, negotiated meetings at WIPO and with the Third World Network conducted an Analysis of WIPO Treaty for the Print Disabled, published a report on the state of Open Government Data in India with the Transparency & Accountability Initiative, published outputs on IT Act, Limitations, Copyright, Internet Protocol, Media, Sexual Minorities, and UID with Privacy International, UK and Society in Action Group, Gurgaon, produced a report titled Intermediary Liability in India: Chilling Effects on Free Expression on the Internet 2011 with Google and released five monographs: Archives and Access, Porn: Law, Video & Technology, The Last Cultural Mile, Re:Wiring Bodies and Internet, Society and Space in Indian Cities.

Centre for Internet & Society Annual Report 2010-11

CIS distributed for peer five monographs titled Re: Wiring Bodies, Pornography and the Law, Archive and Access, The Last Cultural Mile and Internet, Society and Space in Indian Cities for peer review, published a Position Paper in collaboration with Hivos and organised workshops on Digital Natives with a Cause in Taipei, Johannesburg, and Santiago, the e-Accessibility Policy Handbook for Persons with Disabilities with G3ict and ITU, a report on Open Government Data with Transparency & Accountability Initiative, a report on Online Video Environment in India with iCommons and Open Video Alliance and two workshops on Privacy Matters in Kolkata and Bangalore in partnership with Privacy India and Society in Action Group.

Centre for Internet & Society Annual Report 2009-10

CIS and the Institute of Network Cultures entered into a collaboration to produce a Reader on the Wikipedia, in partnership with Hivos published a report, Digital Natives with a Cause?, entered into research collaborations with the Centre for Study of Culture and Society for the Networked Higher Education Initiative, taught courses at Centre for Media and Cultural Studies, the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, Women’s Studies Centre, Pune University, Christ University, Bangalore, Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, Shanghai University and the New Media Lab, Jadavpur University, co-organised a nationwide Right to Read Campaign in Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai, prepared the India Country Report for Consumers International and organised the Maps for Making Change workshops in Delhi and Ahmedabad.

Centre for Internet & Society Annual Report 2008-09

CIS drafted a policy on web accessibility for the National Informatics Centre, worked on a comparative study of major international web and ATM accessibility policies for the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, worked with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research to formulate recommendations to make research publications open access.entered into partnership with LexUM for the Free Access to Law project and signed contracts with researchers for producing monographs on Re: Wiring Bodies, Archive and Access, Pornography and the Law, and The Last Cultural Mile.

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