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by Cijo Abraham Mani last modified Apr 04, 2012 10:51 AM
The power of digital media will be presented to audience with the help of showing tweet-a-thon panel discussions, blood aid tweets getting spread, etc.

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Cijo Abraham Mani


Thiruvananthapuram, India
Manager (Web Portals)
I am an Online Marketing Professional with more than 4 years experience. I have strong knowledge in Search Engine Optimization and Digital Media Marketing, Social Media Consultant and Blogger.


What do you understand by the term Digital Native? Do you consider yourself one?
Digital native means a person who understands the latest digital technologies as well as digital medium and uses the same for improvement of humanity’s plight and in this respect I consider myself a digital native.

There is a perception that a digital natives typically belong to a certain socio-economic-geographical background: a geek who’s always connected to his gadgets and not concerned about social issues and causes. Do you agree?
I disagree. Anyone can be a digital native as long as they use the latest digital technologies and digital interfaces for improvement of socio-economic conditions of people.

Can digital natives from developing nations create an impact with digital activism? Are you involved in a cause that relies on online campaigns?
I have been involved in local and global campaigns for a Twestival. Last year we raised more than 1,70,000 INR through social media. Youth from developing nations are creating national-level impact by using social media tools to solve problems.

How effective are digital campaigns in raising awareness about an issue in comparison to traditional activism?
Digital campaigns are so powerful that it can even bring down governments. The dictator in Egypt was brought down through the power of digital activism. Similar campaigns took place in Tunisia, Libya, Syria, London, San Francisco, Russia and India to bring global attention to the plight of the people of these countries, corruption, scandals and other issues. The one in India (campaign) against corruption (Anna Hazare-initiated) was not successful but it made the Government realize the power of digital activism campaigns.

What would you say to critics who label digital native campaigns as slacktivism?
I disagree with them. Digital natives are creating unique ways to reach out to the common man and highlighting issues that digital activism can help solve. Likes, clicks and shares are ways of showing the protest through digital medium. This doesn’t stop us from going out in public to stand for our rights.

Are we seeing a trend where digital natives are more involved with local causes? How do strategies differ for both?
No, digital natives are always aware of global issues like global warming, financial crisis, poverty, blood donation, etc., but we need to begin from ourselves, then resolve the issues in our society and country then move on to the global scenario. We approach local causes and global ones differently. It is easy to build a local campaign as the person is aware about the response of the people. The same analysis is not possible when it comes to a global audience. It is highly important that we build a campaign that goes viral.

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