Life in the City Slums

by E.James Rajasekaran last modified Apr 04, 2012 10:57 AM

E.James Rajasekaran
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Social Worker

Video Proposal

I live in the temple town of Madurai in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. I am a social worker and the plight of people living in slums is somethings that my NGO is closely associated with. My video will bring out the efforts of the people who live in the slums of Madurai.

Video Genre


What do you understand by the term Digital Native?
The term Digital Native is meant for users of digital equipment. Nowadays, even the common man utilizes digital devices in his daily life.
In this sense, I consider myself a digital native.

There is a perception that the digital native is typically a Young, White, Male from the Global North (America), plugged in to his
gadgets and apathetic to causes. Would you agree?

I cannot agree with this perception. People who are connected to gadgets have their own concerns on issues around them and if there is a chance to participate, the youngsters will participate. That’s how we saw the youth participate in Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption in India.

Activism has changed in the last decade. Hunger strikes and sloganeering are exceptions to the rule. How effective are digital activism campaigns in raising awareness about an issue?
I don’t think activism has changed all that much as we still march on the streets holding placards and utilize hunger strikes effectively to protest. Of course, digital activism campaigns can be a supportive mechanism in our protest to mobilize mass support.

Are digital natives taking the easy way out with what critics refer to as ‘clicktivism’?
Sharing online is used as a tool for mobilizing mass support. However, it is also important to follow the matter in action on the field.

Are we seeing a trend where digital natives are more involved with local causes than with global issues?
I would say we are more interested in global issues than local situations. However, an issue always starts at the local level before it turns global. Unless the campaign has local importance it cannot achieve its goal.

Comment on the role of ICT in citizen action
Scientific progress has made it possible to use ICT tools for the development of society. It is in our hands to use these tools in a positive way to effect change.

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