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Open Standards: Ensuring Accessibility and Inclusiveness

by Prasad Krishna last modified Apr 05, 2011 03:58 AM
The Centre for Internet and Society is co-organising a workshop on Open Standards at the Internet Governance Forum on 16 September, 2010.

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Sep 16, 2010
from 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM



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The Dynamic Coalition on Open Standards and the Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disabilities have a shared interest on ensuring accessibility of information for all.

Persons with disabilities often find that the audio captioning system for a particular video format does not work with others video formats (requiring re-captioning). Or that the proprietary font standard used by their government cannot be read by their screen-reader.

The principle of inclusion also requires us to ensure that persons who choose non-dominant operating systems and software are not artificially kept out of enjoying the benefits of the World Wide Web.

While it is recognized that open standards are not a sufficient guarantor of accessibility, both DCOS and DCAD believe open standards are a prerequisite. A World Wide Web based on proprietary formats would not be able to deliver an accessible experience to those with disabilities.

This workshop seeks to look at the interface between open standards and accessibility for persons with disabilities and how such standards are important for safeguarding their rights. It would also seek to find ways to promote open standards from this perspective.

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Security, Openness and Privacy

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People who are planned to be invited are:

  1. Catherine Trautmann (MEP)
  2. Eddan Katz (Electronic Frotier Foundation)
  3. Nasser Kettani (Microsoft)
  4. Shadi Abou-Zara (World Wide Web Consortium)
  5. Vint Cerf (Father of the Internet)
  6. Wilfried Grommen (Microsoft)

There are no panelists biographies associated to this workshop at the moment.

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Centre for Internet and Society (Civil Society) / World Wide Web Consortium (Technical Body)

Organization:Centre for Internet and Society
Contact Person: Pranesh Prakash

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