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Shadow Search

by Radha Rao last modified Apr 05, 2011 04:28 AM
CIS in collaboration with NEWS announces an open call for proposals to explore the use of natural-language search algorithms that are able to find people and activities that embody the self-understanding of the kind of art we are seeking without specifically using the word art or a related vocabulary.

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Oct 28, 2009 07:15 AM to
Nov 14, 2009 06:30 PM

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In particular this search engine would allow prospectors in the world of information and databases to discover ‘shadow art activities’ that are partially hidden, off-the-radar, stealthy.

Shadow Search

The selection procedure will take place over several stages:

  • 15th October 2009 – Call goes out, submissions can be uploaded at n.e.w.s.
  • 15th November 2009 – Closing date for entries
  • 20th November 2009 - Final Round submissions announced
  •  23rd November 2009 – Winner(s) announced

Please send:

  • A Pseudocode representation
  • A plain text description no longer than 500 words
  • If required, you can add a graphical representation along with the text

Please send all entries to: [email protected]

Cash Prize: EURO 1000 (the jury reserves the right not to award the prize if no submission fits the bill)
All submissions will be published online (with the exception of personal details)

To learn more, visit n.e.w.s





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