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Interview with Mr. Reijo Aarnio - Finnish Data Protection Ombudsman

Posted by Maria Xynou at Jul 19, 2013 01:02 PM |
Maria Xynou recently interviewed Mr. Reijo Aarnio, the Finnish Data Protection Ombudsman, at the CIS' 5th Privacy Round Table. View this interview and gain an insight on recommendations for better data protection in India!

Mr. Reijo Aarnio - the Finnish Data Protection Ombudsman - was interviewed on the following questions:

1. What activities and functions does the Finnish data commissioner's office undertake?

2. What powers does the Finnish Data commissioner's office have? In your opinion, are these sufficient? Which powers have been most useful? If there is a lack, what would you feel is needed?

3. How is the office of the Finnish data protection commissioner funded?

4. What is the organizational structure at the Office of the Finnish Data Protection Commissioner and the responsibilities of the key executives?

5. If India creates a Privacy Commissioner, what structure/framework would you suggest for the office?

6. What challenges has your office faced?

7. What is the most common type of privacy violation that your office is faced with?

8. Does your office differ from other EU data protection commissioner offices?

9. How do you think data should be regulated in India?

10. Do you support the idea of co-regulation or self-regulation?

11. How can India protect its citizens' data when it is stored in foreign servers?