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For CIS's research on indicators of female economic empowerment in the IT industry in India, we have sent formal request for participation in a short survey to the six largest IT companies based in India. A copy of the letter of request and survey as well as some details of the request for data can be found in this post.

Click to see the Letter of Survey Request and the Income Bracket Form

As introduced in an earlier blog, CIS has begun a short research project on female employees in the IT industry in India. This project aims to gather quantitative and qualitative data on women employed by the six largest Indian software companies in order to generate insight into whether or not these employers foster workplaces that are conducive to female economic empowerment. We have decided to gather some very basic quantitative data for this project by directly asking each of these companies to provide some information on data points that we deemed important indicators of women-friendly workplaces. This request has been carried out via post and, when possible, electronic mail.

In this letter of request, we have asked each of the companies to provide information on the number of women they employ, how much paid leave employees are allocated per month and per year, whether or not they have any complaints committees in place as per the Vishaka guidelines, and whether or not they offer any support for childcare or childcare services on their worksites.

Further, we also requested that they complete a form listing ascending monthly incomes (from below Rs. 19,999 to above Rs. 1.5 crore) by filling in how many female and male employees they employ in each income bracket. A copy of the letter and the form are attached to this blog post.

Each of these letters was addressed to the Chief Human Resources Officer (or equivalent title) at the corporate headquarters, and mailed as Registered Post, Acknowledgement Due on February the 19th, 2013. We plan to send two more copies of this letter on the same date for the next two months.

The contacts and addresses that these letters were sent to are listed below. All of this information was gathered from publicly available sources.

Tech Mahindra Ltd.:
Sujitha Karnad - Senior Vice President: HR & QMG for IT Services
Tech Mahindra Limited,
Department of Human Resources
Sharda Centre, Off Karve Road,
Pune 411004, Maharashtra

Mahindra Satyam:
Hari Thalapalli - Chief Marketing Officer and Chief People Officer
Satyam Computer Services Limited
, Department of Human Resources
Mahindra Satyam Technology Center
Survey No.62/1A, Qutubullapaur Mandal
Bahadurpally Village, RR Dist
Hyderabad 500043

HCL Technologies Ltd.:
Prithvi Shergill - Chief Human Resources Officer
HCL Technologies Limited, Department of Human Resources
A-104, Sector 58, Noida
Uttar Pradesh, 201 303

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.:
Ajoyendra Mukherjee - Executive Vice President & Head, Global Human Resources
Tata Consultancy Services, Department of Human Resources
TCS House,
Raveline street,
Fort, Mumbai, 400 001

Infosys Ltd.:
Nandita Gurjar - Group Head of Human Resources
Infosys Limited, Department of Human Resources
Electronics City, Hosur Road
Bangalore, 560 100

Wipro Ltd.:
Pratik Kumar - Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Wipro Limited, Department of Human Resources
Sarjapur Road
Bangalore, 560 035

Further, emails were sent out and calls were made to the media contacts of each company requesting the contact information (email addresses in particular) of any relevant HR personnel and/or any individuals that may be able to provide us with the requested information. From the information gathered in this exercise, various Human Resources staff members from Wipro, HCL Technologies and TCS received the appeal to provide the requested information via email on the 11th of February.

We have not yet received any replies to either the email or post requests for information.

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