An Open Digital Global South: Risks and Rewards

by Prasad Krishna last modified Apr 12, 2017 02:25 PM
Pranesh Prakash will be speaking at a conference to be organized by UC Davis Law School on May 25 and 26, 2017, in California, USA.

The event is open to the public. Please register here.

This conference explores the promises and risks of openness in scholarship in relationship to the Global South. Scholars increasingly are under pressure to make their work “open” through sharing their research as reusable open data and open source software, and making their publications open access. Scholarly “openness”—for example, open data, open access, open source—is intended to facilitate the free flow of information, to address barriers to access, and to foster global intellectual conversations. Do attempts at promoting openness in scholarship create new forms of exclusion or hierarchy? How are Southern scholars and publishers’ experiences with open access and open data taken into account within conversations on developing standards and models for open access and open data in the Global North? What are the unanticipated risks created through the implementation of models for open data or open access?

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