by Admin — last modified Dec 15, 2019 06:14 AM
Gurshabad Grover participated at IETF106, which was held in Singapore 16-22 November, 2019.

In the meeting of the Human Rights Protocol Considerations (hrpc) research group, I presented an update to draft-irtf-hrpc-guidelines-03 (Guidelines for Human Rights Protocol and Architecture Considerations), which is an Internet Draft adopted by the hrpc rg that he is co-editing with Niels ten Oever. More info here.

Among other working/research group meetings, I participated theTransport Layer Security (tls) and the Privacy Enhancements and Assessments research group (pearg) sessions. I also participated inseveral side meetings, including the Public Interest Technology Group(pitg) meeting.

Agenda for the IETF and the different WGs/RG can be found on the IETF website.