'Aadhaar' Of Your Existence Or Card Of Controversy?

by Prasad Krishna last modified May 20, 2017 12:24 PM
recent report estimates that details of 13 crore Aadhaar card holders have been leaked from four government websites. These include bank account details, income levels, addresses, even caste and religion details.

This was telecasted by NDTV on May 3, 2017. Amber Sinha was a panelist.

As the Supreme Court questioned the government about this, the centre admitted for the first time that the leaks had taken place but passed the onus on to state governments. It also argued that no technology was a 100 per cent foolproof but that couldn't be the basis for a constitutional challenge. Those who have petitioned against making Aadhar mandatory for filing income tax say no other democratic country has such a requirement and allege that it shows the sinisterness of the government.