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OGP Asia Pacific Regional Conference

by Prasad Krishna last modified Jun 03, 2014 12:03 PM
Open Government Partnership is organizing this conference in Bali on May 6 and 7, 2014. Sunil Abraham is a speaker for this event.

This was published on the website of Open Government Partnership

Below are the speakers and moderators that will participate in the Asia Pacific Regional Conference on 6-7 May 2014 per 5th of May 2014.

Plenary 1: 10.25 – 11.10

Reflective statements by Heads of Delegations and CSO Representatives of OGP Asian Participating Countries, followed by Q&A

  • Ms. Natalia Soebagjo, Chair, Executive Board, Transparency International Indonesia
  • Hon. Peter Dunne, Minister of Internal Affairs, New Zealand
  • Mr. Yoon Soon-Gu, Director-General Ministry of Security & Public Administration (MOSPA), Republic of Korea
  • Mr. Gan-Ochir, Advisor of Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Mongolia
  • Ms. Malou Mangahas, Executive Director, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism
  • Ms. Suneeta Kaimal, Support CSO Chair of OGP (Moderator)

Plenary 2: 11.10 – 11.55

Reflective statements by Heads of Delegations and CSO Representatives of Non-OGP Participating Countries, followed by Q&A

  • H.E. Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms, Pakistan
  • Ms. Nwe Zin Win, Chairperson, Myanmar National NGOs Network
  • H.E. Mr. Rimbink Pato, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Immigration, Papua New Guinea
  • Ms. Aruna Roy, Founder, Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathana
  • H.E. Mr. Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General, United Kingdom
  • Mr. Wicaksono Sarosa, Executive Director, Kemitraan/Partnership for Governance Reform (Moderator)


Breakout Session: 14.15 – 16.15

Topic 1 Opening up: Inspiring Stories from Transparent and Accountable Local Governments

A panel on how local governments become open governments; experiences from local governments in the Asia Pacific region.

Co-organized by: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and UKP-PPP

  • Ridwan Kamil, Mayor of Bandung, Government of Indonesia
  • Sad Dian Utomo,  Executive Director, PATTIRO
  • Thy Try, Executive Director Open Development Cambodia
  • Vidyadhar Mallik, former Minister for Local Government and Federal Affairs, Nepal
  • Aparna Daz, GIZ Sustainable Urban Habitat Programme
  • Dr. Birgit Kerstan (Moderator)

Topic 2  Open Data in Asia-Pacific: a Cross-Country Learning Discussion

The session seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the key enablers and obstacles in unlocking the benefits from open data in the region.

Co-organized by: Web Foundation, World Bank, and UKP-PPP

  • T. Nirarta Samadhi, Deputy Head President's Delivery Unit on Development Monitoring and Oversight, Government of Indonesia (UKP-PPP)
  • Ivygail Ong, Department of Budget and Management, Philippines
  • Anne Jellema, CEO, World Wide Web Foundation
  • Sunil Abraham,  Executive Director, Centre for Internet and Society
  • Soong Sup Lee, Lead Information Officer, Development Economics Data Group, World Bank
  • Andreas Pawelke, Project Manager, World Wide Web Foundation (Moderator)

Topic 3 Perfecting Openness: Bridging Open Government Partnership and Traditional Access to Information Law

The session seeks to elaborate on implementation of law on freedom of information (FOI)/ access to information (ATI) in the region.

Co-organized by: PATTIRO and UKP-PPP

  • Claudia Taya, Office’s Director for Corruption Prevention, Office of Comptroller General of Brazil
  • John Fresly, Information Commission Indonesia
  • Under Secretary Abigail Valte, Deputy Presidential Spokesperson, Office of the President, Philippines
  • Zahid Abdullah, Program Manager, Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives
  • Maryati Abdullah, Publish What You Pay Indonesia, OGP Steering Committee Member (Moderator)


Topic 4  Roundtable on Open and Good Governance in Post-2015 Development Agenda

The roundtable aims to brainstorm and discuss the central role of transparency, public participation and accountability to achieve sustainable development in various contexts, with a focus of Asia-Pacific region.

Organized by: UKP-PPP

  • Noeleen Heyzer, Special Adviser of the United Nations Secretary General for Timor-Leste
  • Iftekhar Zaman, Executive Director, Transparency International, Bangladesh
  • Sugeng Bahagijo, Executive Director, INFID
  • Beate Trankmann, Country Director, United Nations Development Programme, Indonesia
  • Yanuar Nugroho, Special Advisor to the Indonesian President's Delivery Unit for Development Monitoring and Oversight (Moderator)


Topic 5  Measuring Civic Engagement for Better Open Government Policies and Services

The session aims to present and discuss international principles and good practices on how to measure citizens’ participation throughout the full cycle of governance in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Organized by: OECD and UKP-PPP

  • Ms. Inda Loekman, Program Manager for Indonesia Governance Index (IGI), Kemitraan
  • Mr. Juan Carlos Botero, Executive Director, The World Justice Project
  • Mr. Toby Iles, Senior Analyst, Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)
  • Ms. Dra. RD Siliwanti, Direktur Politik dan Komunikasi, Bappenas
  • Mr. Paul Maltby, Director of Open Data and Government Innovation, Cabinet Office, UK
  • Ms. Keitha Booth, Programme Leader, Open Government Information and Data Programme, Land Information, New Zealand
  • Mr. Zeric K. Smith, Deputy Director, Office of Democratic Governance, USAID Indonesia
  • Mr. Alessandro Bellantoni, Policy Analyst and Project Manager, OECD (Moderator)

Topic 6 OGP-GIFT Fiscal Openness Working Group Session

The session aims to share experiences and lessons learned from Asian countries who have noticeably improved their fiscal openness policies, institutions, and practices especially in utilizing government budget transparency for public services solutions and citizen engagement.

Co-organized by: Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT) Fiscal Openness Working Group and UKP-PPP

  • Malou Mangahas, Executive Director, Philippines Center for Investigative Journalism
  • Murray Petrie, GIFT Technical Expert
  • David Gentry, Advisor, International Monetary Fund
  • Suyoto, Regent of Bojonegoro, Government of Indonesia
  • Joko Purwanto, Bojonegoro Institute, Indonesia
  • Dr. Juan Pablo Guerrero, GIFT Network Director (Moderator)
  • Warren Krafchik, International Budget Partnership (Moderator)
  • Jim Brumby, World Bank (Moderator)


Topic 7 Building Trust between Private and Public Sectors for a Competitive and Sustainable Economy

The session aims to explore participative strategies for the private sector to express their expectations of government while demonstrating willingness to take shared accountability that encourages openness and transparency.

Co-organized by: Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN) and UKP-PPP

  • H.E. Mr. Stig Traavik, Royal Norwegian Ambassador to Indonesia
  • Thomas Darmawan, Chairman, AP5I (The Indonesian Fishery Product Processing & Marketing Association)
  • Erick Stephens, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Asia Pacific
  • Peter Bakker, President, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  • David Brain, President & CEO, Edelman Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa
  • Andrew Wilson, Co-Chair of the Council on Private Sector Engagement and CIPE Deputy Director, Programs and Strategic Planning
  • Ahmad Yuniarto, Chairman, Schlumberger Indonesia (moderator)

Topic 8  OGP 101: Everything You Need To Know About Open Government Partnership

This session will introduce participants to the Open Government Partnership and familiarize attendees with key OGP institutional processes, requirements for participation, and resources available to participant countries.

Organized by: OGP Support Unit

  • Abhinav Bahl, Director, Global Integrity
  • Jack Mahoney, Program Associate, OGP Support Unit
  • Patrick Lim, Department of Budget and Management of Philippines and OGP SC member (TBC)
  • Alejandro Gonzales, GESOC and OGP SC member (TBC)


Plenary 3: 16.45 – 17.45

Topic      Keeping an Open Mind: Perspectives from Other Region

This session aims to explore the elements of success in achieving a more open government in other regions and also the unique nature of each region that must be taken into account in moving forward.

H.E. Robert Blake, US Ambassador to Indonesia

  • Mr. Paul Maltby, Director for Transparency and Open Data for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General, OGP SC Member
  • Ms. Roberta Solis Ribeiro, Chief International Affairs Advisor, Office of the Comptroller General of Brazil
  • Mr. Alejandro Gonzalez, Director General, GESOC, OGP SC Member
  • Mr. Martin Tisne, Director, Policy, Omidyar Network, OGP SC Member
  • Mr. Warren Krafchik, Director, International Budget Partnership, OGP SC Member (Moderator)

Day 2, Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Lightning Talks Session: 09.12 – 10.1509.12 – 10.15

Topic  Lightning Talks on Open Government Solutions

In this session, seven individuals from government, the private sector and civil society will present case studies of innovative and impactful open government reforms in Asia Pacific.

  • Diah Setiawaty, API Pemilu, Perludem (Association for Elections & Democracy), Indonesia
  • Jose Solomon Cortez, The Integrity Initiative, Makati Business Club, Philippines
  • Budiyanto Sidiki, E-Monitoring & Evaluation, Gorontalo Province, Indonesia
  • Sowmya Kidambi, Society of Social Audit, State of Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Sayed Ikram Afzali, Community-Based Monitoring Program, Integrity Watch Afghanistan
  • Undral Gombodorj, Check My Service, Democracy Education Center Mongolia (DEMO)
  • Fiona Tweedie, GovHack, Open Knowledge Foundation Australia
  • Wimar Witoelar, Founder, InterMatrix Communication (Moderator)


Breakout Session 1: 10.15 – 10.45

Topic 1  How To (& Not To) Open Data: Lessons on Designing and Implementing Open Data Interventions

The session seeks to present practical recommendations and discuss the key factors that need to be considered when designing and implementing successful and sustainable open data initiatives, or a project that has open data at the core of its design. Co-organized by: Web Foundation, World Bank, and UKP-PPP

  • Satyarupa Shekhar, Transparent Chennai
  • Gabriel Baleos, Co-Lead Coordinator Open Data Philippines, Department of Budget and Management
  • John Taylor, Director, Yayasan Kota Kita
  • Promita Sengupta, Head of Rule of Law Program, GIZ Bangladesh
  • Dr. Vijay Pingale, Joint Commissioner, Corporation of Chennai, India
  • Ramda Yanurzha, Ambassador for Open Knowledge Indonesia
  • Daniel Dietrich, Steering Committee Member, OGP Open Data Working Group (Moderator)

Topic 2  Be the Change! Social Accountability Success Stories and Obstacles

The session seeks to provide an overview of the topic of citizen empowerment, with leaders sharing insights on lessons learned, success stories, and obstacles.

Co-organized by: Hivos, Omidyar Network, and UKP-PPP

  • Nikhil Dey, MKSS
  • Kuntoro Mangkusubroto, Head of Indonesian President's Delivery Unit for Development Monitoring and Oversight
  • Undersecretary Richard Moya, Department of Budget and Management, Government of the Philippines
  • Marjan Besuijen, Director, Making All Voices Count
  • Otgonbayar Chimeddorj, Legal and Procurement Policy Department, Ministry of Finance, Mongolia
  • Rakesh Rajani, Head, Twaweza (Moderator)


Topic 3  Transparent and Accountable Policing for Safer Community

The panel aims to discuss ways in which transparency and public participation can improve policing policies, practices and outcomes.

Co-organized by: Open Society Foundations (OSF), Tifa Foundation, and UKP-PPP

  • Brigjen Pol Moch Naufal Yahya, Coordinator for Bureaucracy Reform, Indonesia National Police
  • Geo Sung-Kim, Chairperson, Transparency International South Korea
  • Wajahat Habibullah, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) India
  • Monica Tanuhandaru, National Project Coordinator, United Nation on Drugs and Crime (Moderator)


Topic 4  Sustaining the Open Government Partnership: Youth as New Agent of Open Governance

The session aims to provide platforms for young people to exchange views on transparency, public participation and accountability and also to explore meaningful ways to sustain youth participation in OGP.

Organized by: UKP-PPP

  • Haidy Ear-Dupuy, Social Development Specialist, Asian Development Bank
  • Zaw Win Than, Chief of Staff, The Myanmar Times
  • Joel Mark Barredo,  ASEAN Youth Movement
  • Clara Fok, Amnesty International
  • Ou Ritthy, Oxfam Cambodia
  • Lia Toriana, Transparency International Indonesia
  • Emily Swan, Fudan University
  • Gatra Priyandita, Asia Pacific Youth Organization (Moderator)


Topic 5 Opening Government: Citizen Engagement in Policymaking

This session will explore examples of good practice of citizen engagement in government policymaking and will apply the principles and lessons discussed to the development and implementation of OGP National Action Plans.

Organized by: OGP Support Unit

  • Tim Hughes, Involve
  • Shita Laksmi, Program Manager, Southeast Asia Technology and Transparency Initiative (SEATTI), Hivos Regional Office Southeast Asia
  • Sowmya Kidambi, Society for Social Audit, Accountability and Transparency (SSAAT), India
  • Patrick Lim, Department of Budget and Management of Philippines and OGP SC member
  • Maryati Abdullah, Publish What You Pay Indonesia, OGP Steering Committee Member
  • Linda Frey. Executive Director, OGP Support Unit (Moderator)

Breakout Session 2: 14.00 – 16.00

Topic 1 Co-creation and Partnership: Improving Service Delivery through Social Accountability

This session aims to “dig deep”, focusing on social accountability in service delivery, with a special emphasis on partnerships.

Co-organized by: Hivos, Omidyar Network, and UKP-PPP

  • Dr. Kemal Siregar, Secretary of the National AIDS Commission (KPAN), Indonesia
  • Aditya Wardhana, AIDS Coalition, Indonesia
  • Redempto S. Parafina, The Affiliated Network for Social Accountability in East Asia and the Pacific (ANSA-EAP)
  • Mr. Michael Macaulay, Transparency International, New Zealand
  • Gordon Davis, Head of Legal & Integrity Advice Group, New Zealand Government
  • Maria Ressa, CEO and Executive Director, RAPPLER INC (Moderator)

Topic 2 Civil Society and the Media: Levers for Transparency, Participation, and Accountability

This session seeks to highlight the ways in which citizen empowerment interacts with a lively media, and ways in which a proactive media environment can contribute to accountability.

Co-organized by: Hivos, Omidyar Network, and UKP-PPP

  • Adnan Pandu Praja, Commissioner of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Indonesia
  • Umar Idris, Independent Journalist Alliance
  • Malou Mangahas, Philippines Centre for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ)
  • Thaung Su Nyein, CEO, Information Matrix
  • John Wonderlich, Sunlight Foundation
  • Stephen King, Partner, Omidyar Network (Moderator)

Topic 3   Better Access to Information for Better Accountability and Public Services Delivery

The session will explore some ideas in developing coherent relationship between government and non-government representatives in implementing transparency as well as access to information and the relation of these strategies to quality improvement of public service delivery.

Co-organized by: PATTIRO and UKP-PPP

  • Sad Dian Utomo,  Executive Director, PATTIRO
  • Juan Pablo Guerrero, Secretary General, Federal Institute for Access to Information & Data Protection, Mexico
  • Tanka Raj Aryal, Executive Director, Citizen's Campaign for Right to Information, Nepal
  • Gulbaz Khan, Senior Manager, Governance and Capacity Development Citizen Engagement for Social Service Delivery
  • Yuli Ismartono, Board of Editors, Tempo (Moderator)

Topic 4  Legislative Openness Working Group Workshop: Building Openness and Citizen Engagement in the Legislative Process

The session will focus on positive examples of legislative openness and citizen engagement projects from the Asia region and around the world, seeking to present options that are at a range of stages of development in terms of their methods for openness and citizen engagement.

Co-organized by: Legislative Openness Working Group and UKP-PPP

  • Hon. Eva Kusuma Sundari, Member of the House of Representatives, Indonesia
  • Hon. Peter Dunne, Minister of Internal Affairs, New Zealand
  • Dante Preisser, Senior Advisor to Senator Arely Gómez González, Senate Member, Chair Committee on the Guarantee of Access to Information and Transparency, Mexico
  • Lucy Park, Director, Team POPONG, South Korea
  • Chaksu Roy, Head of Outreach, PRS Legislative Research, India
  • Dan Swislow, National Democratic Institute (Moderator)

Topic 5  Models of Openness in Sustainable Natural Resources Management

The session aims to discuss and explore options for cooperation and strategies in developing greater transparency and civic participation mechanisms in the natural resources management both at national and sub-national level.

Co-organized by: Indonesian Center for Environmental Law (ICEL), Publish What You Pay (PWYP), RWI (Revenue Watch Institute), and UKP-PPP

  • Emanuel Bria, Senior Associate for Asia Pacific, Revenue Watch Institute
  • Lalanath de Silva, Director, The Access Initiative Global Network
  • Suyoto, Regent of Bojonegoro, Government of Indonesia
  • Elisea G. Gozun, Board of Trustees, Government Social Insurance System (GSIS), Philippines
  • Josi Khatarina, REDD+ Agency Special Team (Moderator)

Closing Plenary: 16.30 – 17.30

Topic  Take Actions! Innovative Openness in Asia Pacific

The session would feature one representative from each different groups of community that are represented at the Conference who will provide brief impression on their two-day experience and mark their respective action plan to drive further innovative openness.

  • Maryati Abdullah, OGP Steering Committee Member, Publish What You Pay Indonesia
  • Dr. Michael James Macaulay, Deputy Director of the Institute of Governance and Policy Studies, Australia
  • Mr. Ahmad Yuniarto, CEO of Schlumberger Indonesia
  • Phil Matsheza, Practice Leader, Democratic Governance, Asia-Pacific Regional Centre, UNDP
  • Joel Mark Barredo, ASEAN Youth Movement
  • Ms. Czarina Medina, Executive Director, Union of Local Authorities of The Philippines
  • Wimar Witoelar, Founder, InterMatrix Communication (Moderator)
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