A Telugu Wiki Meetup @ CIS, Bangalore

Posted by SJ Veera at Jun 11, 2013 04:00 AM |
On June 2, 2013, the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) hosted a Telugu wiki meetup in its Bangalore office. Updates from the meetup is shared in this blog post.
A Telugu Wiki Meetup @ CIS, Bangalore

A picture of the participants from the Telegu Wikipedia Meetup held in CIS on June 2, 2013

Access the Telugu wikipedia page about the event here

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Telegu Wiki Mahotsavam held in Hyderabad earlier this year (in April 2013) due to personal and professional constraints even though Arjuna Rao called me twice and requested me to attend it. However, when he called again recently about a planned meetup in Bangalore, I willingly took up the initiative.

I used the "Category: Wikipedians in Bangalore" and communicated with all the Telugu users. I met T. Vishnu Vardhan, Programme Director, Access to Knowledge, Centre for Internet and Society and personally and took his views. Myself and Arjuna took the initial steps to organize this meeting. Arjuna managed to invite Dr. T. Ramakrishna and Gudipati Narayana for this meetup. He also managed to announce about this event in the press.

We finally met at CIS and had a two-hour session:

The Programme

  • Welcome note by Sasi
  • Mutual introductions
  • An introduction was given to Telugu Wiki projects with practical examples. (Using, searching, editing, interaction and getting help)
  • Guests’ doubts were clarified by the Telugu Wikipedians Ravichandra, Arjuna and Sasi
  • Dr. Ramakrishna suggested that parallel to the Telugu Wikipedia development, Telugu should be encouraged to be used in administration. This should start with interactions with the officials and the organizations working towards it
  • Gudipati Narayana conveyed his view that Telugu Wikipedia can be used to increase the standards in Telugu teaching
  • Both the guests promised that they will do their bit in organizing the Wikipedia awareness events in the organizations know to them
A group photo of Telegu Wikipedians from the meetup held at CIS, Bangalore is seen below

It is decided that a Telugu Wiki Meet-Up will be held on second Saturday of every month in Bangalore for Telugu Wikipedians.