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Konkani-language books from Konkani-language culture center Mannd Sobhaann to enrich Konkani Wikipedia

Posted by Rahmanuddin Shaik and Tanveer Hasan at Oct 30, 2015 12:00 AM |
Mangalore based cultural centre Maand Sobhaann has recently relicensed 3 of their publications under a free license so that the books could be digitised on Konkani Wikisource and enrich Konkani Wikipedia.

Mannd Sobhaann, a private organisation working for unification of Konkani people around the world, preservation and promotion of Konkani language and culture, has recently relicensed 3 of their published books under a CC-by-SA 4.0 license. Erik Ozario, founder of the organisation has kindly permitted to open these books under free license so they get digitised on Konkani Wikisource and contribute in enriching the Goan Konkani Wikiepdia. Thanks to Wikimedian Harriet Vidyasagar for her help in acquiring these books. The three books that are relicensed are Konkani pustakaam, a compilation of Konkani books published for last century; Prabhaav, compilation of Konkani stories and writers; and another book containing compilation of songs in praise of Jesus.

Mannd Sobhaann as an organisation has been quite instrumental in taking Konkani language to masses. They have opened up a space called Kalangan in Mangalore for Konkani speakers to gather and organise various language and cultural celebrations. They have published 13 books and 23 music albums on Konkani language and culture. Their publication and association of them will hopefully lead to better the Konkani Wikimedia projects and unite the Konkani speakers in Mangalore and Goa to grow the Wikimedia community.

CIS-A2K's work with the Konkani Wikipedia received a boost when two prominent organisations working for popularisation and conservation of Konkani culture, Maand Sobhaan and World Konkani Centre decided to join hands with us. They have agreed to not only host GLAM (unleashing cultural data by institutional partnership with galleries, libraries, archives and museums) activities at their premises and the proposed museum at Maand Sobhaan but by donating three invaluable books to be released under CC-BY-SA license have paved the way for introduction of new content and also provided sources for citation and reference.

These organisations have worked relentlessly in their own capacity to spread the Konkani language, culture, aspects of life and introduce prominent personalities that have worked to promote Konkani language. Their association with the Konkani Wikimedia projects is a sure way of not only addition of content but leads to the definite possibilities of increase in readers, increase in editors. A2K has proposed to digitise their archives which contains invaluable resources (audio, video and text) that shall be of immense help in growing Konkani Wikimedia projects.

By securing the help of these organisations, CIS-A2K has been able to spread the utility and functionality of Konkani Wikipedia from Goa to Mangalore. CIS-A2K is also considering to conduct and organise events that bring in institutions and organisations from different Konkani speaking parts of India together.