IRC22 - Proposed Session - #SocialMediaActivism

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Details of a session proposed for the Internet Researchers' Conference 2022 - #Home.

Internet Researchers' Conference 2022 - # Home - Call for Sessions


Session Type: Individual Presentation/Demonstration of Research Outputs and Methods

Session Plan

The said session is based upon the author’s original study on social media as a means of protest in the new  digital age. Based on the study “Social Media and Protest: A Case Study on Anti CAA Protest in India” and  updating it to “Social Media and Protest: A Case Study of Protest in India during COVID-19” through this session the aim is to bring in light the new ways how dissent or movements of resistance are being  navigated. “Home” as being the theme of the conference becomes central point of view in this study and to  understand how resistance movement can be participated from home and the impact it makes. This study  can be beneficial to understand the socio-political movements in India and usage of digital technologies in  mass participation in these movements – these range from amplification of resources, organizing gatherings  etc. 

The theme social media and modern activism has recently taken the limelight in study of liberal arts. Researchers and universities are now taking social media as a tool to understand modern activism. The  proposed study was originally presented in the International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences, Oxford, United Kingdom. The session aims to discuss the findings of the said paper vis-à-vis Anti CAA protest in India as the case study. However, in regards to new developments  around global and national politics, the author would also like to bring in perspective new case studies. And  highlight the role of social media for dissent in India since 2019, followed in the Farmer’s Protest and much  more. 


Social Media and Protest: A Case Study of Protest in India during COVID-19 

The study aims to understand the role of social media in the current chain of events of various activist  protests that have happened in the 21st Century or are going around the world. It specifically focuses on  the role of social media in mitigating the protest in India. Role of social media thus was recognized as one  of the major influences in organizing and facilitating these protests across the country. A special emphasis  has been levied upon how the role of social media and how it was changed during the COVID-19 timeline.  Understanding how physical interaction was limited how did people still participate in the resistance  movement and helped in amplifying the cause. For instance, the Farmers Protest of 2020 is an example of  Pandemic, resistance and social media – using this as an example an attempt is being made to understand  how the pandemic has severely use of social media among young audience. 

In this study we unfold the active role of Social Media Apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into  creating awareness about the issue, advocating for one’s rights and organizing protests. Thus, looking at a  new narrative of activism through online means or to say emergence of “Online Activism" and shift in  resistance movements to digital spaces.  


Keywords: social media, Activist Protest, COVID-19, Farmers Protest 2020, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  Resistance, Digital Spaces, Online Activism 


Ms. Anushka Bhilwar (pronouns: they/she) are a student of MPP (Masters in Public Policy) at the University of Stirling, Scotland and an alumnus of Ambedkar University, New Delhi. Their research expands to AI and tech-policies to contemporary political thought and conflict studies. Currently, she works as a freelance writer and storyteller for Glasgow Women’s Library, Glasgow, United Kingdom and a contributing writer at People’s History of South Asia. In their previous endeavours they have worked within the capacity of a Research Associate and Technical Writer with United Nations Development Programme, New Delhi and Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi.