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There are approximately 75 million differently-abled persons in India.  This community is largely excluded from civil society and persons with disability continue to have to depend on family members or others to meet their basic needs and wants. Neither the Government nor private enterprise has had significant success in including this community in mainstream society. 



Inclusive Planet (“IncP”) aims to create India’s largest cross disability community for the 75 million differently-abled people in India and their support groups. IncP will also thereby become the largest provider of products and services to this community.


The primary delivery platform for IncP will be (not yet operational), a Web 2.0 portal. Supplementary delivery platforms will be channel partner web sites, vendor websites, Inclusive Planet franchisee stores (brick and mortar), partner stores and mobile phones. The portal will be a ‘one-stop shop’ for the specific requirements of people with disabilities. The portal will also comprehensively address the daily needs of persons with disabilities, including specific requirements for information, everyday requirements of life, employment, entertainment and assistance. In short, the portal will assist persons with disabilities with obtaining access to facilities available to the public at large.


The portal will have channels that specially cater to the disabled and their support group, for the following: medical information, legal information, policy information, news, shopping, service provider listings, career listings, career guidance, medical expert panel, social networking (blogs, forums and chat), and entertainment. IncP is working with several of India’s largest NGOs to provide the back-end for several of the features of the portal.

The Entertainment Channel


This channel of the portal is aimed primarily at the visually-impaired community. Visually impaired persons cannot enjoy the same content in the same format as sighted persons and have to rely on audio content such as audio books and content in specific computer readable formats. The entertainment channel is loosely based on the YouTube model and provides for users to upload and share audio books and other content with each other. This channel will also have a feature allowing users to request any specific item of content; this content can be uploaded by other users or volunteers. This channel will be an integral part of the community building aspect of IncP.



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