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Patanjali's Kimbho swiftly retreats over security scare, ripped on Twitter
Swadeshi" messaging app targeted at WhatsApp taken off from app stores hours after launch. by Admin last modified Jun 01, 2018 02:15 PM — Filed under: ,
Death By WhatsApp
The fatal messages were both in text and in audio. They were in Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Assamese and Gujarati among others. by Admin last modified Jun 25, 2018 03:47 PM — Filed under: ,
'Full belief in fake texts shows cops not trusted'
Nilotpal Basu and Abhijeet Nath, an audio engineer and digital artiste, were beaten to death in Assam's Karbi Anglong last week based on rumours that they were ... by Admin last modified Jun 26, 2018 01:21 AM — Filed under: , ,
WhatsApp ruling: Experts seek privacy law
On August 25, Whatsapp updated its policy to share user content with social network; the decision opened new monetisation models for the messaging app. by Prasad Krishna last modified Sep 27, 2016 02:35 AM — Filed under: , , ,
An 'app'ening world
A ‘forward’ has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp about the privacy concerns relating to that instant messaging app; it’s asking for permission to share user ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Oct 05, 2016 12:24 AM — Filed under: , ,
Tech companies like Gmail, WhatsApp may be asked to store user information
The government is moving to formulate rules that will require technology ‘intermediaries’— including email services like Gmail, chat apps such as WhatsApp and ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Oct 14, 2016 01:12 AM — Filed under: , ,
Nasscom chief saying full data protection isn’t possible should wake us from our digital slumber
Considering India is rapidly moving towards a digital economy, the hurdles not withstanding, data and identity security are topics which have to be taken very ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Mar 17, 2017 01:47 AM — Filed under: , , ,
Don't blindly forward WhatsApp messages. You could be sued
Never before in Bengaluru has the Internet and social media taken such a vicious and violent turn as it did last week. by Admin last modified May 31, 2018 11:49 PM — Filed under: ,
Police to counter fake news on WhatsApp
State police across Karnataka, Assam, Telangana and Kerala are designing social media campaigns as an antidote to fake news on messaging apps like WhatsApp ... by Admin last modified Jun 26, 2018 01:45 AM — Filed under: ,
The Competition Law Case Against Whatsapp’s 2021 Privacy Policy Alteration
Having examined the privacy implications of Whatsapp's changes to its privacy policy in 2021, this issue brief is the second output in our series examining the ... by Aman Nair and Arindrajit Basu last modified Mar 24, 2021 04:12 PM — Filed under: , , , , , ,
India WhatsApp Privacy Fight May Affect Multinationals
The Indian Supreme Court’s review of Facebook Inc.'s and WhatsApp Inc.'s data security practices may lack teeth but also presages a desire for a stronger ... by Prasad Krishna last modified Feb 02, 2017 02:28 AM — Filed under: , , ,
WhatsApp races against time to fix fake news mess ahead of 2019 general elections
On Friday, when WhatsApp announced that it would pilot a ‘five media-based forwards limit’ in India, the government came up with an unequivocal reminder. by Admin last modified Jul 25, 2018 03:27 PM — Filed under: , , ,
PDP Bill is coming: WhatsApp Privacy Policy analysis
WhatsApp started off the new year with changes to its privacy policy that has several implications for data protection and the digital governance ecosystem at ... by Pallavi Bedi & Shweta Reddy last modified Jan 19, 2021 08:12 AM — Filed under: , ,
You will need a license to create a WhatsApp group in Kashmir
The internet rights activists have criticised the move stating it as unconstitutional. by Prasad Krishna last modified Apr 21, 2016 02:34 AM — Filed under: , , , ,
When the war’s on WhatsApp
Slick, jingoistic videos are whipping up pro-war rhetoric on social media after the Uri terror attack. by Prasad Krishna last modified Sep 25, 2016 04:36 PM — Filed under: , ,
Centre draws red lines for Whatsapp over fake news, says must comply with Indian laws
In a meeting with WhatsApp’s CEO Chris Daniels, Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said India put forward several demands, including that the company must have ... by Admin last modified Aug 27, 2018 02:24 PM — Filed under: , ,
India steps up vigilance against WhatsApp abuse
Delhi wants firm to open local office, appoint grievance officer as misinformation spreads. by Admin last modified Aug 27, 2018 03:22 PM — Filed under: ,
It's That Eavesdrop Endemic
Whatsapp Says It’s Snoop-Proof Now, But There’s Always A Way In by Prasad Krishna last modified Jul 30, 2016 03:45 PM — Filed under: , ,
We Truly are the Product being Sold
WhatsApp has announced it will begin sharing user data such as names, phone numbers, and other analytics with its parent company, Facebook, and with the ... by Vidushi Marda last modified Sep 01, 2016 02:08 AM — Filed under: , , ,
What’s up with WhatsApp?
In 2016, WhatsApp Inc announced it was rolling out end-to-end encryption, but is the company doing what it claims to be doing? by Aayush Rathi and Sunil Abraham last modified Apr 23, 2018 04:45 PM — Filed under: , , , , ,