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Groundbreaking disability rights activist Javed Abidi dies at 53
March 06, 2018

The Centre for Internet & Society (CIS) expresses profound regret at the demise of Mr. Javed Abidi, a groundbreaking disability rights activist.

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Comments on Mobile Accessibility Guidelines January 03, 2018
Why GST Is A Step Backward For The Disabled July 03, 2017
GST - A Barrier to Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities June 24, 2017
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Gurshabad Grover nominated to join advisory group on open source software for ISO/IEC JTC 1
November 02, 2019

Gurshabad Grover has been nominated through the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to be a member of the Advisory Group AG) on Open Source Software for ISO/IEC JTC 1.

React India 2019 October 14, 2019
DevFest'19 October 14, 2019
FOSSCON India 2019 September 25, 2019
India’s top science institution is trying hard to fix its “manel” problem August 19, 2019
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Access to Knowledge (A2K)
Wikiorientation at Dr.GR Damodaran College of Science
January 07, 2020

An orientation session on Wikimedia projects was held on 6-7 December 2019 at Dr. GR Damodaran College of Science. This talk was part of the “Hour of Code” event, which is an International event celebrated across the globe to encourage students to develop their knowledge on Computer Science. This event was supported by Open Knowledge movements like Wikimedia, Mozilla, etc.which would help students to share their knowledge in the form of volunteerships and contributions. The highlights of gender gap research and women based projects such as Women in Red were covered as part of a focussed group discussion.

Project Tiger 2.0 November 24, 2019
Project Tiger 2.0 November 24, 2019
Project Tiger 2.0 November 24, 2019
Project Tiger 2.0 November 22, 2019
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Internet Governance
Essay: Watching Corona or Neighbours? - Introducing ‘Lateral Surveillance’ during COVID-19
May 21, 2020

Surveillance is already suspected to have become the ‘new normal’ considering the extensive amounts of money that is being invested by governments around the globe. The only way out of this pandemic is to take a humane approach to surveillance wherein the discriminatory tendencies of the people while spreading information about those infected are factored in to prevent excessive harm.

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Why should we care about takedown timeframes? April 10, 2020
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CIS Comments on 'Pre Draft' of the Report of the UN Open Ended Working Group April 06, 2020
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Ethics and Human Rights Guidelines for Big Data for Development Research
May 19, 2020

This is a four-part review of guideline documents for ethics and human rights in big data for development research. This research was produced as part of the Big Data for Development network supported by International Development Research Centre, Canada

A Compilation of Research on the Gig Economy May 15, 2020
From Health and Harassment to Income Security and Loans, India's Gig Workers Need Support May 19, 2020
COVID-19 Charter Of Recommendations on Gig Work April 29, 2020
Zothan Mawii - COVID-19 and Relief Measures for Gig Workers in India May 13, 2020
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