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Why GST Is A Step Backward For The Disabled
July 03, 2017

Imposing taxes on assistive devices is unfair. The countdown has begun to the implementation of the GST in India. Over the past month, discussions about the GST have dominated the scene with several groups protesting in strong measure about the impact on their business.

GST - A Barrier to Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities June 24, 2017
Report of the Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2017 June 17, 2017
Comments on the draft Policy on IT Accessibility for People with Disabilities May 19, 2017
Mobile Accessibility Practices April 11, 2017
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Broadband Reforms for Local Manufacturing
July 05, 2017

Broadband in India needs reforms for local manufacturing and for infrastructure expansion and utilisation.

Policies to Sustain India's Market May 20, 2017
Organisational Hurdles in Telecom April 04, 2017
A Pathfinding Approach for Digital India March 03, 2017
Cashlessness Needs Connectivity February 02, 2017
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Researchers at Work (RAW)
Digital native: Ever on the go
August 07, 2017

It is time to insist that the infrastructure of digital India is accompanied by the infrastructure of care for the digital Indian.When the telephone was first introduced as a mass communication tool, one of the biggest fears was that it would allow people to lie and cheat at will.

Digital native: Not only words August 07, 2017
Dr. Prerna Prabhakar - Impact of Digitisation of Land Recods in Rural India (Delhi, July 07, 5 pm) July 06, 2017
CISxScholars Delhi - Harsh Gupta - FAT ML for Lawyers and Lawmakers (June 29, 5:30 pm) June 27, 2017
Digital Native: On mute, the Voice of the People July 05, 2017
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