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Experience and Learning outcome from Wikipedia Education Program

Posted by Lakshmi Karlekar at Jan 30, 2018 07:10 PM |
In this blog post you will find a Christ University student's experience during Wikipedia Education Program.


The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education.- Martin Luther King Jr.

The collaboration between Christ (Deemed to be University) and Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) has enhanced abilities of students to venture into the new learning techniques provided by this organization through WEP. As a platform for learning it has made me assimilate facts on any given topic and later learn the art and skill of editing and typing to put across my views and perspectives. The Continuous Internal Assignments has enabled me to think critically and analyse the given interdisciplinary topic which spreads from an arena covering political, social, economic, psychological, scientific issues etc. Typing in vernacular languages made me technically equipped and also holistically develop from this active initiative. I had the opportunity to meet a facilitator from San Francisco who explained the core objectives and had discussions on the usage and benefits of Wikipedia. This workshop showcased our contributions and provided tutorials for us to carry back and learn from them. The expected learning outcome of the Wikipedia task has helped me do intensive research and made me think and debate on the pros and cons of the given topic.  The Professors at Christ (Deemed to be University) and the CIASA2K members have been a constant support and guidance for learning how to deal with it which has personally helped me to a greater extent. They have been approachable at all times which has made the learning process easier. This is not like any other monotonous work but it makes me curious to do a new assignment every time. This kind of communication has helped me realise the fact that information can be accessed at a click of a button as well as we can state our views to the entire world through this initiative. This also sets in a certain discipline as we have to adhere to the standards of Wikipedia and continue contributing quality articles have been the motive of this organisation where each and every student strives to achieve it. To get an outcome from the motto I built my vocabulary and writing style as I was exposed to new terminologies by our facilitators and support staff. These conducted sessions have played as a motivating factor for us to improvise further in our tasks and continue further as active members to continue contributing to Wikipedia.


This fruitful experience of mine has built my knowledge that is familiarity, awareness, and understanding of facts and building vital skills which I would cherish for life. I would extend my gratitude and heartfelt thanks for giving me an insight and opportunity to get associated with this esteemed venture initiated and progressed by the institution.