Guru-G Learning Labs and CIS A2K Institutional Partnership

Posted by Tanveer Hasan at Dec 03, 2015 09:00 PM |
Incorporated in 2013, Guru-G is the world’s first gamified platform for teaching and teacher training.

Guru-G converts existing textbooks and teacher resources into adaptive teaching packs (or guided lesson plans), which provide in-class guidance to teachers on different ways in which they can teach a topic. The guidance adapts to the teacher’s past behavior, student moods & the practices that have resulted in best learning outcomes for their students. These packs save preparation time & effort for a teacher before class plus make teaching fun and interesting during and after class. Teachers can also track their progress and train at their own pace if interested.

Rationale for Institutional partnership:
A2K aimed at developing additional resources that would supplement the learning curve of students at High school and undergraduate levels. The partnership also aimed to build digital research skills into the students so as to equip them for the new modes of knowledge aggregators.

Both Guru-G labs and CIS work at the intersection of technology, education and social empowerment, it was planned that due to the mutual interests, the partnership will be able to identify a large group of Wikipedia users in Kannada and it was hoped that of these new generation readers some of the students would be trained as Wikipedians. Contribution towards Wikisource was also discussed in the MoU.

Plan of Action:
Due to the internal team movement and shortage of manpower from at CIS, we were unable to work closely with the Guru-G Lab. However, we have recently restarted our conversations with them.

Plans for Future:
As Guru-G Learning Labs provide platforms to collaboratively discuss ideas, A2K team, would like to use this partnership in designing our training activities.

Nature of collboaration and rolling out of resources for better implementation of Wikipedia in Education programme run by CIS-A2K. CIS-A2K will work with educational institutions, developmental organisations and teachers who have already been identified by Guru-G labs and provide to them resources such as Offline Wikipedia.

Training programmes may be designed and customised for Wikipedia in Education programme run by CIS-A2K across different colleges. Creating platforms and activities for A2K's community capacity building activities such as TTT and MWTTT.