Marathi Wikipedia Workshop at Solapur University

Posted by Subodh Kulkarni at Oct 24, 2017 02:09 PM |
15 September
Marathi Wikipedia Workshop at Solapur University

Participants at the workshop/ सुबोध कुलकर्णी/ CCYBYSA4.0


A Marathi Wikipedia Workshop was held at the Department of Mass Communications at Solapur University. The workshop aimed to introduce Wikimedia and its sister projects to the students. The workshop comprised 25 participants with 10 female attendees.

Sharing their thoughts after the event, the participants were enthuse. Says Priyanka Lagshetti, "I never imagined that I can contribute to Wikipedia. I worked on various media related articles." Another participant, Ambadas Bhasake added, "This workshop showed us a innovative way to use internet productively and constructively" 

While 19 new editors joined Wikipedia, participants worked on 60 articles and made around 90 edits. 15 images were added to Commons and into articles.

The meta page of the event can be found here.