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The key mandate of the Access to Knowledge project at CIS (CIS-A2K) is to work towards catalysing the growth of the open knowledge movement in south Asia and in Indic languages. From September 2012, CIS has been actively involved in growing the open knowledge movement in India through a grant received from the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF). The current focus of the CIS-A2K team spans over 5 language areas (Kannada, Konkani, Marathi, Odia, and Telugu), 2 community strengthening initiatives, and 6 stand-alone Wikimedia projects.
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The mission of CIS-A2K is to catalyze the growth of open knowledge movement in South Asia and in Indic languages. Within the Wikimedia universe CIS-A2K specifically strives to further grow the Indic and English Wikimedia projects and communities by:

  • supporting and serving the Indian Wikimedia communities in all possible ways;
  • building institutional partnerships;
  • bringing more content under free license;
  • designing and executing projects with community participation;
  • strengthening the Wikimedia volunteers; and
  • fostering and enabling an appropriate legal and technological ecosystem.


Work Plans

Work plans and other programme documents can be accessed here:


Activities and Feedback

If you have a general proposal/suggestion for Access to Knowledge team you can write on the requests page. If you have appreciations or feedback on our work, please share it on feedback page.


Recent Posts

Blog Entry Mini Workshop on Tools: Wikipedia Monthly Meetup, Hyderabad by Manasa Rao and Pavan Santhosh — last modified Feb 06, 2017 12:49 PM
Telugu Wikipedia community held its monthly meet-up in Hyderabad on 28 August 2016.
Blog Entry Marathi Wikipedia Edit-a-thon at Sangli, Maharashtra by Subodh Kulkarni — last modified Apr 16, 2017 01:22 PM
A Marathi Wikipedia Edit-a-thon was conducted at Willingdon College, Sangli on 18 January, 2017
Blog Entry Telugu Wikipedia stall at Vijayawada Book Festival by Pavan Santhosh — last modified Apr 15, 2017 04:23 PM
The Telugu Wikipedia community put up a stall at the Vijayawada Book Festival in January, in order to increase reach of the regional language encyclopaedia.
Blog Entry Google-translated Telugu articles prioritisation exercise: January iteration by Pavan Santhosh — last modified Apr 15, 2017 05:47 PM
The January iteration of the Google-translated Telugu articles prioritisation exercise took place online.
Blog Entry Mini TTT and MWT held in Kolkata by Tito Dutta — last modified Jun 28, 2017 09:53 AM
A regional version of Train The Trainer and MediaWiki Training was recently conducted in Kolkata.
Blog Entry Adikavi Nannaya University Telugu Wikipedia Workshop by Pavan Santhosh — last modified Apr 16, 2017 08:57 AM
A Telugu Wikipedia introductory workshop was conducted for the students of Adikavi Nannaya University, Rajahmundry between 6- 7 January, 2017.
Blog Entry Orientation & Training session of Jalbiradari Activists by Subodh Kulkarni — last modified Apr 16, 2017 11:30 AM
An Orientation & Training session of Jalbiradari Activists was held on 4 January, 2017
Blog Entry Ongoing Proof-reading Effort by ALC Student Wikimedians in Telugu Wikisource by Pavan Santosh & Ting-Yi Chang — last modified Dec 30, 2016 11:00 AM
Student Wikimedians at Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada formatted and proof-read more than 1,900 folios in Telugu Wikisource during the last few weeks of November (2016). Each day, a group of twenty students uses the lab facility provided by the college after regular classes to make necessary formatting changes and fix spelling mistakes in the folios of books available in Telugu Wikisource. Till date, the student Wikipedians have proofread eight books.
Wikipedia Event in Mangalore by Prasad Krishna — last modified Dec 20, 2016 04:43 PM
The article was published by Vijaya Karnataka on December 18, 2016.
విజ్ఞాన నిధి వికీపీడియా.. by Prasad Krishna — last modified Dec 20, 2016 04:38 PM
The article about Telugu Wikipedia appeared in Namaste Telangana on December 11, 2016.

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