Indic Wikisource Speak: Sushant Savla

Future is bright -- Sushant Savla (User:Sushant_savla) from Gujarati Wikisource community, share his experience & journey.
Indic Wikisource Speak: Sushant Savla

Sushant Savla (Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0)

CIS : Tell us about yourself, When did you join Wikimedia movement? And What are the projects you are involved in?Dr Hrishikesh Sen at IWCC2018

Sushant Savla: Sushant Savla (User Name: Sushant_savla) I joined Wikimedia Movement in around 2008. I am associated with Gujarati Wikipedia, Gujarati WikiSource, Graphics Lab on Commons (Illustrations SVG)

CIS : What are the methods or workflow you follow to contribute to your language Wikisource?

Sushant Savla: We take up a book and work on it till it completes. AS we have limited members and all are having good understanding all work on same project and complete it to the level of Validation. A book is chosen, Scanning is done, If not copyright free OTRS is executed, Index is prepared, OCR is done, Page number allotment is kept on Discussion page of Index page and as per the availability of time the Users take up pages and proofreading starts, Experienced Librarians or Manager of the project carries out validation simultaneously. While this work goes on other team parallely stats scanning other book for next project.  

CIS : How is the awareness about Wikisource in your language Wikimedia community?

Sushant Savla: In the small commmunity of ours all knows about wikisource. However among common people awareness is low.

CIS : We see there’s a growth in Indic Wikisource movement (showing Amir’s stats), what kind of help does the community need to grow?

Sushant Savla:  Major challenge now is technical support, in conversion of PDF, mobi etc.The Second challenge is Outreach. The third challenge is lack of time in arranging Contest etc. More technical , automated result giving systems are required to hold competition on grand level. The delay in getting OTRS approved is another challenges. Till the time OTRS is approved the enthusiasm of a doner writter fuses off. Speedy process is required. OTRS approver should have time limit.

CIS : What are the challenges do you face while contributing to the project? Or social challenges while reaching out to authors or publishers.

Sushant Savla: As such nothing. But a letter of appreciation sort of thing to author would help. we can print that in certificate format and give them.   

CIS : How would you describe the future of Wikisource? What are your personal goals for it?

Sushant SavlaFuture is bright, Person Goals : more books , more material, More contributors, Keeping them live on project. Need to motivate users by some interesting events.In wikiconference please increase the number of participants.