Meeting with IP Stakeholders

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Anubha Sinha attended a DIPP meeting with stakeholders on December 7, 2017 in New Delhi. The meeting was organized by the Government of India.

Anubha made submissions pertaining to CIS' study on lack of compliance and enforcement in respect of filing statements of working of patents:

  • Large percentage (~ 20%) of patents' Form 27s  were found to be missing (dataset of approx 5000 patents);
  • 3% of the patents did not mention status on working of patents;
  • Almost none of the available Form 27s provided any useful information - patentees did not bother filling out several parts of the Form.

In addition, I sent a brief on the issue drawn from Prof. Contreras' and Rohini's paper, and Rohini's older email to the IPO describing issues with the website.

See the Meeting Circular here

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