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National Resource Kit: The Uttar Pradesh Chapter (Call for Comments)

Posted by Manojna Yeluri at Mar 31, 2013 02:50 PM |
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The Centre for Internet & Society and the Hans Foundation are pleased to bring you its research on the state of laws, policies and programmes for persons with disabilities in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Note: This chapter is an early draft which is in the process of being reviewed and updated. Comments and feedback are welcome.


The State of Uttar Pradesh has taken several measures by way of schemes, programmes, government orders and notifications for the benefit of persons living with disabilities. The state government has established shelter homes and vocational training centres in several parts of the states — most recently in Meerut, Bareilly and Gorakhpur. The state government has also undertaken to finance nearly 4340 corrective surgeries for polio across nine cities of Uttar Pradesh. The state government has also attempted to alleviate stress and difficulties faced in the process of procuring a disability certificate, by providing clear guidelines as to the issue and procurement of such certificates, and by also creating a decentralised system of disability certification where the certification may be obtained from private practitioners, government health care centres, primary and secondary health care centres, private psychologists and psychiatrists who are authorised to issue certificates of mental retardation (MR).

The State of Uttar Pradesh has thus emphasised the need for several notifications and schemes to suit the specialized requirements of persons with disabilities. The Disabled Welfare Department vide GO No 1464/65-2-2000-178/2000 dated 30.09.2000 released a list of the various schemes and allied programme measures made available by the State Government for the benefit of persons with disabilities and the eligibility criteria for those interested in availing benefits under this. The schemes and measures mentioned in the order include;

  • Schemes for providing scholarships for educational and vocational training to students who have been physically disabled (Students from Class 1-12, Graduation and Post Graduation).
  • Schemes to provide disability pension for unemployed and poor persons suffering from visual impairment, speech impediments and physical disability.
  • Schemes to provide financial assistance for the purchase and procurement of aids and appliances.
  • Scheme to provide incentives and grants to encourage marriages with persons living with disabilities.
  • Schemes related to providing free travel by bus to persons with disabilities
  • Schemes for the employment and setting up of shops by persons with disabilities, 1998

The State of Uttar Pradesh has also intended to start several projects in 2013. These include the establishment of a Braille Press in order to produce Braille books, magazines and other study material.

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