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Marie Jude Bendiola

I'm plump, ordinary and fair, nothing quintessential but I really dream to live a mark in the world. How can an average lady be notice in a world where beauty and perfection are just the common standards? Well, I can say that I always have that passion and determination to be an artist. This one is not for the fame per se but it's taking the spotlight and speaking out your voice. This is to encourage everyone to help and give back esp. to charity. It is using your artistic talent for a cause. Right now, I'm an actor, writer, host, marketing executive, journalist, researcher, dancer, soon to be singer, producer,newbie in modelling, traveller, philanthropist, traveller, daughter, sister, friend,a proud Filipino, son of God, and a student of life. Be my... Friend on Facebook: Follower on Twitter:!/judeebendiola Audience in Youtube: Fan in Google+: