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by Mesfin Gebeyhu last modified Feb 18, 2012 03:14 PM
Mesfin Gebeyhu
Mekelle, Ethiopia
I am a lecturer at the department of Journalism and communication in Mekelle University-Ethiopia. Broadcast Journalism is my major field of study and i have been teaching television program production for the last 4 years.

Video Proposal

There is shortage of water in the area I am living in. But there is one farmer who has abundant access to water. He dug up 27 meters under the earth, hoping as he said, "either to find gold, water or oil". It is a somehow funny statement but the farmer managed to get water at last. I think the story could teach other people in my country (who have lost hope) to concentrate on what they want to achieve something better. Through digital media, I want to reach other people and instil hope in them. My video is a tool for outreach.

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