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A young man gets ready to start his day: switching on his cable box, checking his Blackberry, listening to music, and microwaving his food. As he leaves, he turns on his iPod and sends a text message via his cell phone. Waiting for the train, he responds to emails and posts to Facebook. He sends a tweet and then gets to work. All day answering emails and phone calls while staring at a computer screen. Finally he ends his work day only to stare at a digital screen for train arrivals. Inside the train, he once again begins sending messages and tweets. Once he gets to his destination, he is told by an attractive woman to “unplug” and be with her. The End. Credits roll.

Video Genre: Film

Joseph Francis

The Centre for Internet and Society

Brooklyn, NY United States
Film Producer/Director

Having lived in New York most of his life, Joseph earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts from Long Island University (LIU), with a major in Film and Television and a concentration in Direction. Working full-time throughout school kept Joseph's motivation, organization and endurance intact. At age 31, Joseph is well underway to establishing a career that has become the love of his life. His filmography list includes serving as Assistant Director for short films My Brother's Keeper and Doodles, which all had multiple releases. Joseph was also on set as Production Manager for the feature film “Courting Condi”, and “The Festival of Light”. Another accomplishment came by way of directing and producing two short film scripts called Men Are Liars and Being Brooklyn. Joseph has produced multiple projects that are currently in postproduction. These projects which included “No Swimming,” “Palace Living,” and the You Tube Drama Series “Normal.” Lastly, Joseph has used his industry knowledge and expertise for consulting purposes on many other productions and projects. It is Joseph's vivid imagination and his ability to turn it into a visual masterpiece that will ultimately separate him from the industry's best.

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