With No Distinction

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My video explores the spiritual aspect of digital technology and how rather than getting in the way of our spiritual expression, it is actually bringing us face to face with it, if only we choose to look.


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Our perceptions create our reality and technology is an extension of our perception. "With No Distinction" explores the spiritual aspect of digital technology and how rather than getting in the way of our spiritual potential it is bringing us face to face with it.

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What do you understand by the term Digital Native? Do you consider yourself one?
A “native” is somebody who has a love for a place and whose heart & soul are connected to that place. To me a “digital native” is anyone who has a place inside of them where technology grows and nurtures their soul.

There is a perception that digital natives occupy certain demography, namely, the Young, White, Male, American who are often apathetic to social causes. Do you agree?
I think often digital technology is used superficially to augment and support the ego. Anyone belonging to any demographic can fall victim to this shallow use of technology, just as anyone can become a true digital native using technology to transcend the limitations of their ego.

Can digital natives from developing nations create an impact with digital activism?
Absolutely, digital technology has a very unique ability to be utilized by anyone in the world with a creative ability to apply it to achieve their goals. I personally use digital technology to discover and support causes that I would not ordinarily be informed about from other media. This allows me to direct my energies where I choose and not have those choices made for me by media companies and governments.

Ground activism has changed in the last decade. How effective are digital campaigns in raising awareness about an issue?
I believe digital technology is most effective when it is partnered with real world street activism and gatherings of people face to face. On its own digital technology is profoundly effective at creating awareness about issues but that alone is not enough to effect lasting changes.

Critics refer to digital natives with the pejorative term ‘slacktivist’. You agree?
The first and most important step to any campaign for any cause is in the minds of the people. “Likes, Clicks and Shares” are a valuable step towards reaching people who gather their opinions and determine their actions through digital technology.

A recent example of online activism is the ‘Get Kony 2012’ video campaign. Have you watched it?
Yes, it’s an incredibly powerful and imaginative work for a very worthwhile cause.

Are we seeing a trend where digital natives are more involved with local (neighborhood) causes than with global issues?
Everything is connected. One person making a personal choice on an issue in their daily life has as much importance as the largest global campaign. The small personal gestures lead to local gestures which in turn lead to global gestures, there is NO DISTINCTION.

Share your thoughts on ICT-led Citizen Action. Where do you see it headed?
The more we creatively embrace the “new” of any kind, technological or otherwise, and apply our imagination with our deepest Love, the more our world will resemble that Love.

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