Blockchain: A primer for India

Posted by Anusha Madhusudhan at Nov 18, 2019 09:55 AM |
This paper aims to provide a comprehensive review of existing research and major debates surrounding Blockchain technology and its developments in select jurisdictions with a specific focus on India.


by Anusha Madhusudhan

with inputs from Karan Saini and Mira Swaminathan

Edited and Reviewed by Elonnai Hickok, Siddharth Sonkar and Aayush Rathi


This paper tries to map and promote an understanding of the functioning of Blockchain and its diverse applications, domestic and international, potential and those already in use, for readers having varying degrees of engagement with the subject. This paper surveys scholarly pieces, articles, reports, research papers, policy briefs, books and other sources, analyses and synthesizes the information mapped while evaluating some sources and tracing progression in the field, generally.

The paper provides a readable landscape by systematically organizing the content into the following broad chapters – what blockchain is and how it works, the problems trying to be solved using this technology, differences between Distributed Ledger Technologies and Blockchains, types of blockchain, international and Indian use cases, an analysis of existing legal and regulatory frameworks governing blockchain technology in major jurisdictions and lastly, policy recommendations and considerations derived from other similar initiatives as well as international best practices, as adapted to the Indian context. 

The information contained in relevant chapters of the paper is also indicative of the strengths and weaknesses of formally implementing this technology and may provide a background for further investigation and research.



This document can be accessed in full here.

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