CIS Cybersecurity Series (Part 22) - Anonymous

CIS interviews a Tibetan security researcher and information activist, as part of the Cybersecurity Series. He prefers to remain anonymous.

"I don't know technology but I am aware of the information people share with me. So yes, they can track you down through your mobile phone. The last time I was in Nepal, I met a westerner. We went to this restaurant and she asked me to take the battery out of the phone. That was the first time I had heard of this and so when I asked why she said that it is possible that people had followed us and it has happened to other Tibetans in Nepal..."

Centre for Internet and Society presents its twenty second installment of the CIS Cybersecurity Series.

The CIS Cybersecurity Series seeks to address hotly debated aspects of cybersecurity and hopes to encourage wider public discourse around the topic.

This work was carried out as part of the Cyber Stewards Network with aid of a grant from the International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada.