A Compilation of Research on the PDP Bill

Posted by Pranav M B at Mar 05, 2020 05:55 AM |
The most recent step in India’s initiative to create an effective and comprehensive Data Protection regime was the call for comments to the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, which closed last month. Leading up to the comments, CIS has published numerous research pieces with the goal of providing a comprehensive overview of how this legislation would place India within the global scheme, and how the local situation has developed, as well as analysing its impacts on citizens’ rights.


In addition to general and clause-by-clause comments and recommendations, we have compiled an annotated version of the Personal Data Protection Bill, which lays out our commentary in an easy-to-follow format.




Below, you can find our other recent research on Data Protection:


  • Pallavi Bedi has put together a note on the Divergence between EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Personal Data Protection Bill.
  • In addition, Pallavi has also contrasted the Personal Data Protection Bill with the GDPR and California Consumer Protection Act, in the contexts of jurisdiction and scope, rights of the data principal, obligations of data fiduciaries, exemptions, data protection authority, and breach of personal data.
  • On IAPP’s blog Privacy Perspectives, D. Shweta Reddy has assessed whether the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 is sufficient for India to receive adequacy status from the EU.
  • Along with Justin Sherman, Arindrajit Basu has outlined the key global takeaways from the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 on Lawfare.
  • On The Diplomat, Arindrajit has also traced the narrowing localization provisions in India, as well as Vietnam and Indonesia, and studied the actors and geopolitical tussle that has shaped these provisions.
  • Through a string of publicly available submissions, press statements, and other media reports, Arindrajit and Amber Sinha have tracked the political evolution of the data protection ecosystem in India, and how this has, and will continue to impact legislative and policy developments on EPW Engage.
  • Gurshabad Grover and Tanaya Rajwade have written on The Wire about how the Personal Data Protection Bill regulates social media.
  • Amber was also a guest on Suno India’s Cyber Democracy podcast, with Srinivas Kodali, to discuss how the latest version of the Personal Data Protection Bill will impact the right to privacy.