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DIDP Request #23 - ICANN does not Know how Diverse its Comment Section Is

Posted by Asvatha Babu at Jul 30, 2016 05:55 AM |
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While researching ICANN and the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG), we came across a diversity analysis report of a public comment section.

See ICG report here.

We requested ICANN for similar reports on the ICANN public comment section. The request filed by Padmini Baruah can be found here.

What ICANN said

ICANN stated that they do not conduct diversity analysis on their comment sections. This is a shame, given that the one from ICG was so informative, clear and concise. Instead they provided us with links to reports and analyses of the different topics that were up for comments and an annual report on public comments.

ICANN’s public comments section is one of the important ways in which different stakeholders and community members get involved with the organization. A diversity analysis of this section for different topics could help in informing the public about which parts of the world actually get involved in ICANN through this mechanism We suggest that ICANN make it a regular part of their report.

ICANN's response to our DIDP request may be found here.

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Asvatha Babu

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