RTI response regarding the UIDAI

Posted by Vanya Rakesh at Dec 12, 2015 09:00 PM |
This is a response to the RTI filed regarding UIDAI

The Supreme Curt of India, by virtue of an order dated 11th August 2015, directed the Government to widely publicize in electronic and print media, including radio and television networks that obtaining Aadhar card is not mandatory for the citizens to avail welfare schemes of the Government. (until the matter is resolved). CIS filed an RTI to get information about the steps taken by Government in this regard, the initiatives taken, and details about the expenditure incurred to publicize and inform the public about Aadhar not being mandatory to avail welfare schemes of the Government.

Response: It has been informed that an advisory was issued by UIDAI headquarters to all regional offices to comply with the order, along with several advertisement campaigns. The total cost incurred so far by UIDAI for this is Rs. 317.30 lakh.

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