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First draft of Technology Business Incubators: An Indian Perspective and Implementation Guidance Report

Posted by Vidushi Marda at Jul 25, 2015 04:14 PM |
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The Centre for Internet and Society presents the first draft of its analysis on technology business incubators("TBI") in India. The report prepared by Sunil Abraham, Vidushi Marda, Udbhav Tiwari and Anumeha Karnatak looks at operating procedures, success stories and lessons that can be learnt from TBIs in India.

A technology business incubator (TBI) is an organisational setup that nurtures technology based and knowledge driven companies by helping them survive during the startup period in the company’s history, which lasts around the initial two to three years. Incubators do this by providing an integrated package of work space, shared office services, access to specialized equipment along with value added services like fund raising, legal services, business planning, technical assistance and networking support. The main objective of the technology business incubators is to produce successful business ventures that create jobs and wealth in the region, along with encouraging an attitude of innovation in the country as a whole.

The primary aspects that this report shall go into are the stages of a startup, the motivational factors behind establishing incubators by governments & private players, the process followed by them in selecting, nurturing talent as well as providing post incubation support. The report will also look at the role that incubators play in the general economy apart from their function of incubating companies, such as educational or public research roles. A series of case analysis of seven well established incubators from India shall follow which will look into their nurturing processes, success stories as well as lessons that can be learnt from their establishment. The final section shall look into challenges faced by incubators in developing economies and the measures taken by them to overcome these challenges.

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