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UID info can be misused

by Prasad Krishna last modified Apr 02, 2011 12:26 PM
Public organisations, NGOs and concerned citizens feel UID may become an easy database for anti-social elements.

The Unique Identification number (UID) could become an easy database for anti-social elements, according to public organisations, NGOs and concerned citizens. They felt that the UID should be discouraged till more transparency and accountability was introduced in the system.

They were speaking during a discussion on the UID here on Wednesday.

"Including so many details of individuals into a Central database could be dangerous," said Sunil Abraham, executive director, the centre for internet and society. He said various users of the data such as banks, telecom companies, government departments could potentially make it dangerous.

There are concerns that this will also lead to a police raj in the state. "As it is now there are so many anti-establishment movements, it will become very easy for the cops to arrest people and put them behind bars on the pretext of biometric mismatch. And nobody can question the technology," said Jagadish Chandra.

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