Arduino Introductory Workshop at CIS

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The Centre for Internet & Society organised a hands-on-free Arduino workshop in its office on March 3, 2012. Video is now online!
Arduino Introductory Workshop at CIS

Photo by the Arduino Team

 The month of March in 2012 has been an eventful month for hardware enthusiasts in Bangalore. With open source hardware catching up in a big way, a free workshop on "An introduction to Arduino" seemed to be the perfect choice. Its announcement drew a considerable response. The audience was filtered from various backgrounds. Pramode CE[1] of Recursive Labs[2] covered most of the basics, beginning with the basics of arduino to how the code interacts with the sensors. Starting with flashing LEDs to the use of serial port to basic sensors like LDRs he took around the whole basic system with ease. Click for more details.

About 20 people participated in this workshop. These included interaction designers, artists and those enthusiastic to get started with creative projects but with no prior experience with electronics, interfacing and all that hack talk. The workshop provided a general understanding of instructional programming languages, and  served as a platform for creative people who didn't have a technical background but wanted to translate their wildest techno-ideas to reality in a snap.

The event also marked the beginning of the CIS hack-lab.




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