A Telegu Wiki Meetup @ CIS

Posted by SJ Veera (Telugu Wikipedian) at Aug 05, 2013 01:00 PM |
Telugu Wikipedians had their monthly meetup at the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) in Bangalore on Saturday, July 13, 2013, 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Telugu Wikipedians Arjuna, Ravichandra, Sasi and Rahmanuddin participated in the meetup. Telugu lecturer Gudipati Narayana and Haribabu on behalf of Bengaluru Telugu Tejam also attended the event. Dr. T. Ramakrishna, who translated Aurobindo Ghosh's "Savitri" to Telugu was the chief guest for this meetup. This is the second monthly Telugu Wikipedia workshop in Bangalore.

An Introduction to Telugu Wiki

The workshop began with the mutual introduction and thereafter the participants were briefed about content creation and editing of articles. A practical demonstration was given by creating an article on Bengaluru Telugu Tejam. Arjuna, Ravichandra, Rahmanuddin and Sasi responded to the queries from the participants and clarified their doubts.

Introduction to Savitri

Dr. T. Ramakrishna thereafter gave a presentation of Aurobindo's book "Savitri". He spoke in length about Aurobindo Ghosh, his contributions to the freedom movement of India, and a brief background about Savitri, an epic poem in blank verse based upon a theology from the Mahabharata. Dr. Ramakrishna said that Sri Aurobindo who was a great spiritual leader and a yogi conveyed the message that religion and culture in India are not interlinked or interrelated. He also said that the characters in the present story tells to mankind how to increase spiritual energy.

Telugu Wikipedia Issues and Projects

The following were some of the observations and decisions taken at this meetup:

  • It was decided to complete the "Telugu Famous Personalities" as soon as possible so that new projects could be taken up.
  • Narayana has promised to make a plan to train Telugu lecturers and students on Telugu Wikipedia and to release it very soon to TE-Wikipedia
  • Rahmanuddin proposed to increase participation in Telugu Writers Meetings and Internet Meetings which are held across the globe so that the awareness on TE-Wiki can be increased
  • Arjuna requested to look into the plans which would answer the issues raised in Telugu Wikipedian Meet
  • Dr. Ramakrishna felt that more pressure should be brought on the Government of India to increase the usage of Telugu Wiki Mahotsavam.
  • After completing the current priorities, projects related to Bangalore should be taken up.