Digital Natives With a Cause?

by kaeru — last modified Aug 15, 2011 08:12 AM
The Centre for Internet and Society, in collaboration with the Knowledge Programme @ Hivos, conducted a scouting study of scholarship, practices, policies, anecdotes and attitudes towards Digital Natives, to re-imagine the existing notions of what constitutes a Digital Native identity and what are the potentials for social transformation, political participation and economic sustenance that new digital technologies provide. This blog documents the various interventions that the Digital Natives Knowledge Network initiates to address the knowledge gaps identified in the report.

Fill The Gap: Global Discussion on Digital Natives

More often than not people don't understand the new practices inspired by Internet and digital technologies. As such a series of accusations have been leveled against the Digital Natives. Educators, policy makers, scholars, and parents have all raised their worries without hearing out from the people they are concerned about. Hivos has initiated an online global discussion about Digital Natives. So, to voice your opinion, start tweeting with us now #DigitalNatives.

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