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The key mandate of the Access to Knowledge project at CIS (CIS-A2K) is to work towards catalysing the growth of the open knowledge movement in south Asia and in Indic languages. From September 2012, CIS has been actively involved in growing the open knowledge movement in India through a grant received from the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF). The current focus of the CIS-A2K team spans over 5 language areas (Kannada, Konkani, Marathi, Odia, and Telugu), 2 community strengthening initiatives, and 6 stand-alone Wikimedia projects.
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The mission of CIS-A2K is to catalyze the growth of open knowledge movement in South Asia and in Indic languages. Within the Wikimedia universe CIS-A2K specifically strives to further grow the Indic and English Wikimedia projects and communities by:

  • supporting and serving the Indian Wikimedia communities in all possible ways;
  • building institutional partnerships;
  • bringing more content under free license;
  • designing and executing projects with community participation;
  • strengthening the Wikimedia volunteers; and
  • fostering and enabling an appropriate legal and technological ecosystem.


Work Plans

Work plans and other programme documents can be accessed here:


Activities and Feedback

If you have a general proposal/suggestion for Access to Knowledge team you can write on the requests page. If you have appreciations or feedback on our work, please share it on feedback page.


Recent Posts

Blog Entry Aditya 365 by Pavan Santhosh — last modified Nov 07, 2018 02:32 AM
Telugu Wikimedian Aditya Pakide successfully completed 365 Wiki Commons Days. Aditya started contributing to project after a Facebook comment by A2K community advocate suggesting that the same picture would get more utilization in Commons and a brief training followed.
Van Bodh Workshop for content development on Forest Resources at Gadchiroli from Oct 02, 2018 10:00 AM to Oct 05, 2018 05:30 PM Village Mendha (Lekha) in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra, by Admin
CIS-A2K has collaborated with Tribal Research and Training Institute (TRTI) to facilitate development of Open knowledge resources on Community Forest Resource and content development in Wikimedia projects with community participation. These contents will become a part of "Van Bodh Knowledge repository".
Blog Entry South India Copyright Workshop by Subodh Kulkarni — last modified Nov 06, 2018 01:25 AM
A workshop on Copyright was organized by CIS-A2K at Hotel Bhagini Icon in Bengaluru from 19th to 21st October 2018. Seventeen members from 5 language communities (Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Tulu) participated in the workshop. Yann Forget was the master trainer for the workshop.
Blog Entry Christ (DU) students enrolls for 3rd Wikipedia certificate course by Ananth Subray — last modified Sep 23, 2018 04:04 AM
Students of Christ (Deemed to be University) enrolled themselves for the third Wikipedia certificate course for the academic year of 2018-19, to understand the usage of Wikimedia projects.
Blog Entry Wikisource Handbook for Indian Communities by Bodhisattwa Mandal and Ananth Subray P. V. — last modified Sep 19, 2018 02:18 AM
Wikisource is one of the trending Wikimedia projects. Many new editors and new books to Indic language Wikisource's get added over a period of time. However, new editors as well as existing editors face numerous problems while working with the content online. The Centre for Internet & Society's Access to Knowledge (CIS-A2K) team, to help the editors, has created this Handbook. CIS invites feedback to the first draft of this Handbook. CIS-A2K will continue to work with the Wikipedia communities to improve their efforts towards developing Wikisource.
Blog Entry Workshop of Publishers and Writers on Unicode, Open Source and Wikimedia Projects by Admin — last modified Aug 11, 2018 02:08 AM
CIS-A2K team organized a workshop on unicode, open source and wikimedia projects at Pune on July 25, 2018.
Blog Entry వాట్సాప్ సాహిత్య వేదిక నుంచి వికీసోర్సుకు by Pavan Santhosh — last modified Jul 31, 2018 11:33 PM
పద్యసౌందర్యం గ్రూపు సభ్యులకు వికీసోర్సు పరిచయం
Blog Entry Workshop of River activists for building Jal Bodh - Knowledge resource on Water by Admin — last modified Aug 11, 2018 01:45 AM
To build knowledge resource on rivers in Pune district, CIS-A2K team organized a workshop in Pune on July 25, 2018.
Blog Entry ವಿಕಿಪೀಡಿಯ:ಸಂಪಾದನೋತ್ಸವಗಳು/ಸಂಪಾದನೋತ್ಸವ ತುಮಕೂರು ವಿಶ್ವವಿದ್ಯಾನಿಲಯ ೨೦೧೮ by Admin — last modified Aug 11, 2018 01:32 AM
CIS-A2K team held a workshop in Tumakur University on 25 July 2018.
Blog Entry వికీపీడియా:సమావేశం/హైదరాబాదు/మిసిమి పత్రిక భాగస్వామ్య సమావేశం, జూలై 2018 by Admin — last modified Aug 11, 2018 12:37 AM
On 24 July 2018, CIS-A2K team held partnership discussions with Misimi Telugu monthly magazine.

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