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In this cluster, we study the digital conditions of production, circulation, consumption, appropriation, storage, and re-usage of various forms of knowledge in India. It brings together our interests in digital literacy, education and pedagogy; technological infrastructures and devices of digital learning; open access, open educational resources, open data, and open knowledge practices in general and their ecosystems; Internet and the emerging authorities, modes, and platforms of knowledge and education; computational methods in arts, humanities, social science, and natural science research; and software and hardware innovations towards knowledge infrastructures and practices.


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Previous Projects

Indian Newspapers' Digital Transition (2016)

Final report: Indian Newspapers' Digital Transition: Dainik Jagran, Hindustan Times, and Malayala Manorama

Mapping Digital Humanities in India (2014-2016)

Paper: New Contexts and Sites of Humanities Practice in the Digital

Final report: Mapping Digital Humanities in India

Post #1: Digital Humanities in India?

Post #2: A Question of Digital Humanities

Post #3: Reading from a Distance – Data as Text

Post #4: The Infrastructure Turn in the Humanities

Post #5: Living in the Archival Moment

Post #6: New Modes and Sites of Humanities Practice

Post #7: Concluding Thoughts

Pathways to Higher Education

Project page: Visit the project page

The Digital Classroom in the Time of Wikipedia (2012)

Project page: Visit the project page


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